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The Unusual(s) Recap: The Tape Delay

Yes, “The Unusuals” is back after a two week break. Did you miss it? I sure did, in fact, between NBA playoffs and getting as many rides as possible on Manta, I forgot that it was on last night. Luckily my DVR worked and so I bring you the recap, slightly delayed.

This weeks episode starts with the end of a foot chase, in which Dets. Shraeger and Walsh run down a small child wearing a backpack and then flashes back to the previous day. Where we see that Dets. Banks and Delahoy interview and eighty-seven year old man who attempted to rob an armored truck unarmed.

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The Unusual(s) Recap: The Circle Line

Welcome back to another edition of “The Unusual(s) Recap”! If you missed last nights episode, check it out at ABC’s “The Unusuals” page! If you missed any of my prior recaps, check them out here.

This weeks episode starts off with a couple big bangs before the first commercial break! First a Det. Powell shows up asking Det. Walsh for help. Powell is from a different precinct but used to work with Walsh. His knuckles and shirt are bloody and he says “I may have killed someone.” If that wasn’t enough Det. Delahoya was sitting in a restaurant when the Sgt. comes in and tells him “Son, your partner, Leo Banks, is dead.”

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The Unusual(s) Recap: 42

Welcome back to another week of “The Unusual(s) Recap.” This week’s episode is entitled “42” and when I saw that in my cable guide I immediately knew that this episode would have something major to do with the 42-year old Det. Banks.

As we have learned in the previous episodes, Det. Banks is obsessed with his own mortality and his own belief that he will die at the age of 42. He wears his bullet proof vest everywhere and even has covered his desk in foam padding, just in case. However, the episode started out with another of our favorite detectives taking a bullet…

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The Unusual(s) Recap: Crime Slut

I first want to apologize for the tardiness of my recap. Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Orlando Magic playoff game with the intention of watching “The Unusuals” when I got home. Unfortunately, my Bright House Networks DVR did not have the same intentions. It decided to ignore my series settings and didn’t record last night’s episode. Thank goodness for ABC’s website, where you can watch full episodes!

This week’s episode starts out at Det. Walsh’s house where Det. Beaumont is paying him an adult visit when she receives a phone call that obviously upsets her. We don’t hear the other side of the conversation, but it is very obvious that she needs to come up with $2,200 by the afternoon or something bad will happen. While she rushes to get ready, and lies to Walsh about where she is going, she cannot find her watch. Walsh quickly lets her borrow his, pointing out that it was his grandfathers. This watch leads to some bad decisions made by Beaumont during the rest of the episode.

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The Unusual(s) Recap: One Man Band

Thanks for checking back for my second edition of The Unusual(s) Recap. You can check out last weeks recap here. This week ABC has blessed us with two brand new episodes of “The Unusuals”, so check back tomorrow morning for another recap.

This weeks episode starts out with Det. Delahoya and Det. Banks chasing a one man band, hence the title of the episode. You know, one of these guys. Even with the multiple instruments and bass drum on his back he managed to out run the detectives until Delahoya threw an apple and knocked him out. Not very realistic, but effective.

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The Unusual(s) Recap: Boorland Day

Editor: I’m pleased to welcome Joe Omundson to The Disney Blog as a guest author.

The Second Squad continues their unorthodox patrol of New York City in the second episode of ABC’s “The Unusuals.” If you missed John’s post from last week about the pilot, check it out!

The episode opens with a bank robbery ending with Det. Walsh (Jeremy Renner) tackling a robber holding a huge bag of money. The robber turns out to be a 17-year old honors student that just happens to belong to the wrong family. A string of robberies pop up and at one hold up the robbers left an onion. Yes, a big yellow onion in the big apple. This onion is the trademark of the Boorland family, hence the episode’s title, “Boorland Days”

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The Unusuals on ABC: Series Premiere

The Unusuals where the most unusual police cases are unraveled in a quirky thriller format debuted on ABC last night. The show follows the Second Squad detective unit of the NYPD where everyone has a secret. Sergeant Harvey Brown promotes Detective Casey Shraeger, played by Amber Tamblyn (Joan of Arcadia), from vice to his homicide squad ostensibly to root out corruption on his team. But the story has many more twists and turns than just that.

Det. Shraeger is partnered with Det. Jason Walsh, played by Jeremy Renner, whose partner was just found murdered in a public park. Together they uncover a few surprises about others on the squad and investigate the murder of Det. Walsh’s partner.

There are moments of levity, provided mainly by the full of himself Det. Alvarez, who sees himself on the fast track to politics, and moments of terror as detectives find themselves face to face with death at the end of a shotgun or subway train.

I think Disney/ABC has a hit here. The show is just quirky and humorous enough to be unique, but the emotions and mysteries are accessible enough that anyone can follow them. Plus, they’ve cast a lot talented actors that will help carry the show.

Learn more at the official website or watch the ‘starter kit’ below the cut. Hopefully Disney will upload the episode to the website so you can watch it online if you missed it last night.

Second Squad. Nothing is what you think it is.

I’m looking for a blogger to do episode reviews/recaps of The Unusuals for The Disney Blog. Drop me a line with a link to your blog if you’re interested.

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