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The Unusual(s) Recap: The Tape Delay

Yes, “The Unusuals” is back after a two week break. Did you miss it? I sure did, in fact, between NBA playoffs and getting as many rides as possible on Manta, I forgot that it was on last night. Luckily my DVR worked and so I bring you the recap, slightly delayed.

This weeks episode starts with the end of a foot chase, in which Dets. Shraeger and Walsh run down a small child wearing a backpack and then flashes back to the previous day. Where we see that Dets. Banks and Delahoy interview and eighty-seven year old man who attempted to rob an armored truck unarmed.

The old man has decided that he lived his life too safe. He didn’t travel because he was afraid the plane would crash and now he feels that he must live his life to the extreme and leave a mark or he will be forgotten.

Meanwhile we see that Dets. Shraeger and and Walsh are assigned to a protection detail of a rich man visiting the city. Shraeger objects to using the public resources to be body guards for a man who could easily afford his own body guards.

While sitting outside of the man’s hotel room they hear screams coming from the stairwell. Walsh tells Shraeger to just call it in but she leaves the door to help the woman being attacked in the stairwell. As the attacker flees Walsh joins the chase. When they return to the room it has been ransacked and their man is gone.

Back at the station the police commissioner tells Det. Shraeger that if it wasn’t for her dad she would be demoted to a uniformed officer. When Shraeger looks at Walsh he nods, letting her know that he was already aware of her financial status, though she thought she was keeping it well hidden.

Meanwhile, we find Dets. Banks and Delahoy in “high speed” chase with the old man in a stolen pizza delivery Smart car. The chase topped out at about ten miles per hour. Delahoy wants to book the old man and throw him in jail, but Banks decides he just needs a scare to get straight and lets him go again.

Back with Walsh and Shraeger we find that a ten million dollar ransom is requested for return of the kidnapped rich man. The drop is made per instructions with the money in a backpack, but unfortunately at the same time a school bus full of kids with the exact same backpack arrives. In the chaos one boy takes of running and the detectives chase him down bringing us back to the beginning of the episode.

The boy explains that a man gave him the bag and a hundred bucks if he ran, the backpack is empty. The boy then gives the detectives a note that says “I said no cops. Now he dies.” The next thing we see is a body bag in the morgue and the burnt remains of the missing man.

Back to Banks getting a phone call from the old man who tells him Banks was right, he needed to do something that was good for others. Banks realizes that the old man had spent time talking to another perp in the jail cell who told the old man about a job he was going to do that could help his nursing home.

When Banks busts into the cell and throws the perp against the wall demanding information the Sargent walks in and breaks it up until Banks explains what happened. The Sargent then replies with “carry on.”

The perp gives up the information so Banks and Delahoya race over to a pharmaceutical warehouse only to hear a single gun shot as they come up on the scene. They find the old man shot by a security guard who thought he was reaching for a weapon, instead it was just his inhaler.

The old man survives and has a touching talk with Banks in the ambulance about how much more boring Banks life was. Apparently Banks has rubber floors in his apartment for safety!

Shraeger thinks that she has managed to get a man killed until they find the dental records didn’t match. One phone call to her dad’s friend in the “World Bank” lets the cops know that the FBI was launching an investigation on their missing man and they realize that the whole kidnapping was staged.

The track down the man and his new girlfriend (the woman being attacked in the stairwell) in a very nicely appointed shipping container ready to be shipped safely out of the country. The man offers Shraeger a million dollars to turn around and walk away to which Walsh laughs and says “wrong cop to bribe.”

Tonight’s episode was not quite as emotional as the last one, but continued to develop the relationships of the characters. At the end Shreager got up on the bar and announced to all of her co-workers that she was in fact the daughter of a rich couple. No one was even phased by it, other than a little gentle ribbing from the other detectives.

Much of the comic relief in this episode came from the continued Delahoy brain tumor problems. Now Delahoy tastes everything  as meat. Apparently yogurt tastes like sausage and chips taste like ham. The medical examiner that he is bribing continues to encourage him to see a real doctor and tells him what she would do if he was already dead to figure it out.

If you missed last nights episode be sure to check out ABC’s “The Unusuals” page for full episodes. For those of you on Twitter the show has now set up accounts for ALL of the main characters. @CaseyShraeger, @DetJasonWalsh, @DetEddieAlvarez, @LeoBanks, @EricDelahoy, @AllisonBeaumont, @DetHenryCole, and @HarveyBrown.