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The Unusual(s) Recap: One Man Band

Thanks for checking back for my second edition of The Unusual(s) Recap. You can check out last weeks recap here. This week ABC has blessed us with two brand new episodes of “The Unusuals”, so check back tomorrow morning for another recap.

This weeks episode starts out with Det. Delahoya and Det. Banks chasing a one man band, hence the title of the episode. You know, one of these guys. Even with the multiple instruments and bass drum on his back he managed to out run the detectives until Delahoya threw an apple and knocked him out. Not very realistic, but effective.

The one man band is taken back to the station where he offers up some information that the police may like to know, in return for his release of course. He tells them of a very interesting store, a “murder store.” Your run of the mill secret store that sells everything you need to kill someone and cover up the evidence. One of the more interesting products is “Blood Be Gone.”

After closing down the shop Det. Delahoya has the crazy idea of re-opening the store and using it as a sting in order to easily find people who are about to commit murder, thus saving lives and catching criminals. Something we know his partner, Det. Banks (who thinks he is going to die before he turns 43), will love right? The twist enters the story in the form of a battered wife who has tried all the correct ways to solve her problem and has now decided that her only choice is to kill her husband. Restraining orders are just a piece of paper and her husband is connected because he is a parole officer.

While the detectives are distracted she steals some poison and leaves the store. Knowing that she will try to kill her husband they set up a secret sting on her and hope to stop her before she actually kills him.

Meanwhile Det. Shraeger is approached by her trust fund manager to help free a fellow rich kid/friend of the family who was locked up for drunkenly urinating on a police officers shoe. She quickly learns that the only way to get favors in the precinct is to do favors.

She ends up running into one of her partner’s former co-workers who believes Walsh stole a trophy from him. She agrees to do paper work for Walsh in exchange for the trophy, but Walsh warns her that “Doing favors for civilians always comes back to bit you in the…” (I’ll let you fill that one in).

These words become prophetic as they release the kid only to find out that he is wanted in a hit and run being investigated by Det. Alvarez. By the time they figure it out, the kid, and his car are gone.

Tonight we met Det. Alvarez’s wife, who we happens to work for the District Attorney’s office and is Det. Shraeger’s old childhood friends, now enemy. Once they learn that the hit and run suspect is well connected she convinces Alvarez not to pursue it, as it might hurt his chances at moving up the political ladder.

Det. Shraeger has to use her rich father in order to get information on the kid and makes the arrest. His line of the episode is “I would never pick anyone over you.” Which he delivers shortly after being down on her workplace and job. Interesting relatiohship developing him. Love your daughter but hate what she does.

Intertwined in this episode was more of  Det. Cole’s interaction with his former criminal friend. Det. Cole is basically blackmailed into helping him rob a store, but we see him at the end of the episode watching the robbery holding a gun. He knows his whole life would be shattered if anyone found out the truth, but what will he do?

The big climax of the episode comes when Det. Banks and Det. Delahoya are called to the battered woman’s house, she answers the door “I did it! I poisoned him!” before they can show her their badges. Det. Delahoya decides to leave the woman in the house and take the husband to the hospital.

Not that simple though, they tell him that unless he promises to leave her life completely, they will take him to the Staten Island hospital rather than to the one around the block. Already in pain, he isn’t sure if he can make it that far and agrees to leave if they take him to the closer hospital. They let him know that if he screws up, they’ll be there.

Overall this episode was one that just delved deeper into the characters and further explored their uniqueness. We now know that Det. Alvarez’s ambitions may actually come from his wife and that Det. Cole’s past is very quickly catching up on him. I’m very interested to see where they go with these story lines, how long can Cole stay the perfect cop and keep his buddy from snitching on him?

Continuing in this episode were the great one-liners from the dispatcher. We never see the dispatcher but her voice comes in from time to time to move the story along. She also says some hilarious things that you really should pay attention to. My favorite tonight was “What is it about me that scares away men.”

If you have missed any of the previous episodes I strongly encourage you to visit ABC’s “The Unusuals” page. Episodes one and two are already up with limited commercial interruption. For all the high tech readers, check out “The Unusuals” on twitter at @TheUnusualsNYC (

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  2. Any idea what that song was at the end of “One Man Band”? The lyrics started with “When your sad and the night is long” and the chorus was “Lord, lord, lord, only you can free me”.

  3. Not bad, I might actually look up this show and watch and episode or 2… see if I actually like it. Sounds interesting. Thank you for the recap Joe ^_^

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