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Dancing with the Stars: 8-7 Results

It’s Tuesday night. Let’s not waste any time getting to the results.

They certainly didn’t waste any time letting us know about the encore. They started right out letting us see the fun group number again.

But that was the only thing they told us quickly. We were 25 minutes in before they even started telling us who the safe couples were.

Plus they started the new pro competition for us to pick a new pro for next season. I like this idea better than the kids’ competition they’ve done the last few years. So we’ve got six pros. This week, they danced in pairs. They all looked great, but I didn’t really look too closely. The judges pretty much praised them all but didn’t score them. It all comes down to the viewer votes. I must have missed how it is going to work. Are they going to find out next Tuesday who is out?

That competition took much of the second half. We didn’t get back to the business at hand until the last couple of minutes. Obviously, they did not have a dance off, but they also didn’t tell us the bottom two. The last two couples standing were Ty & Chelsie and Lawrence & Edyta.

The couple going home is Lawrence & Edyta. And Lawrence seems very happy about it, too. They seem to have enjoyed each other during the show even if he is ready to go. Obviously, his fan base wasn’t as strong as I gave it credit for being. I know this will sound cold to some people, but he was one of the weaker dancers left, so it isn’t that big a surprise.

Next week, we’ve got individual dances and the return of the team dances. See you then to watch that all play out.

Meanwhile, feel free to stop by my blog and see what else is going on in my life.

2 thoughts on “Dancing with the Stars: 8-7 Results”

  1. Mark I think for the Pro Competition the male and the female with the least amount of votes goes hoome next week and then the following week, the ones with the highest scores wins. They are voted on individually, not as a couple.
    I am guessing Ty goes home next week.

    1. But I am wondering if they will tell us before or after they dance next Tuesday. I’ll just have to watch and see, I guess.
      My guess is next week is Ty’s turn to go unless he pulls a Chuck with an amazing score. And Chuck will be the week after.

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