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The Unusuals on ABC: Series Premiere

The Unusuals where the most unusual police cases are unraveled in a quirky thriller format debuted on ABC last night. The show follows the Second Squad detective unit of the NYPD where everyone has a secret. Sergeant Harvey Brown promotes Detective Casey Shraeger, played by Amber Tamblyn (Joan of Arcadia), from vice to his homicide squad ostensibly to root out corruption on his team. But the story has many more twists and turns than just that.

Det. Shraeger is partnered with Det. Jason Walsh, played by Jeremy Renner, whose partner was just found murdered in a public park. Together they uncover a few surprises about others on the squad and investigate the murder of Det. Walsh’s partner.

There are moments of levity, provided mainly by the full of himself Det. Alvarez, who sees himself on the fast track to politics, and moments of terror as detectives find themselves face to face with death at the end of a shotgun or subway train.

I think Disney/ABC has a hit here. The show is just quirky and humorous enough to be unique, but the emotions and mysteries are accessible enough that anyone can follow them. Plus, they’ve cast a lot talented actors that will help carry the show.

Learn more at the official website or watch the ‘starter kit’ below the cut. Hopefully Disney will upload the episode to the website so you can watch it online if you missed it last night.

Second Squad. Nothing is what you think it is.

I’m looking for a blogger to do episode reviews/recaps of The Unusuals for The Disney Blog. Drop me a line with a link to your blog if you’re interested.

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