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The Mole

The Mole: Traveling in Chains

Before we get down to business, can I indulge in a bit of shameless self promotion? Thanks. If you’re interested in my take on WALL-E, follow that link for my review.

Okay, now to tonight’s episode of The Mole.

Now that Victoria has left the show, I am completely in the dark as to who The Mole could be. So I am back to where I was in week one. Well, I do have one advantage. Now I’m trying to guess who it is from seven players instead of twelve.Read More »The Mole: Traveling in Chains

The Mole: Midas Quotes

I’m going to do things differently this week. I’m operating under the assumption that I know who The Mole is and will be watching their movements for sabotage. And who do I think The Mole is? Well, I’m trusting my alliance partner Glenn and working under the assumption that The Mole isRead More »The Mole: Midas Quotes

The Mole is Back!

Now there’s something I thought I would never get to say. After two seasons with regular contestants and two with celebrities, ABC canceled this reality show due to low ratings. But, thanks to the writer’s strike, they brought it back and gave it another life during the summer.

The premise is simple. 12 strangers are given a series of tasks to do. If they complete the tasks, they earn money for the group pot. However, one of the strangers is The Mole, working against the others to keep the pot as small as possible. The other 11 need to learn all they can about him or her to not only defeat their efforts at sabotage, but also to pass quizzes given every few days. If you get the lowest score on the quiz, you are “executed” (sent out of the game).

Given my love of mysteries, this show is right up my ally. But I have yet to figure out who The Mole is in any season. So I will welcome your theories as the summer progresses.

Tonight’s premier found the cast of new contestants jumping off a waterfall. Shall we get to it?Read More »The Mole is Back!