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The Mole: Swinging Grapes or Out Cached

Now Where Were We? When last we left The Mole, Kristen had been executed, leaving Nicole and a bunch of men. And, of course, we have our Paul hatred going on. That should make things interesting tonight.

Tonight we start in Mendoza, Argentina, deep in the wine country of the country. The first task was, unsurprisingly, set at a vineyard. They split themselves into two groups, runners and thinkers. The runners are Mark, Alex, and Clay, with Mark being appointed the best athlete. The thinkers are Nicole, Craig, & Paul with Paul declaring himself best communicator since he is the loudest.

So, for “The Grapes of Cache,” they are looking for seven bottles of wine hidden in the vineyard. And, keep in mind, it is a very large vineyard. Each bottle is worth $10K. The thinkers have to answer 7 multiple choice brain teaser questions and relay the answer to the communicator. The communicator has a card with four coordinates on it, one for each answer. So if the two thinkers get it right, the runners will go right to the bottle of wine thanks to a GPS device. Mark, however, is running on a treadmill. As soon as he stops, the event ends. And with each bottle of wine they find, the treadmill gets faster. Paul can not help with the questions, but Mark can.

And they’re off. Paul and Mark thought the thinkers should have done better with the questions. Frankly, I only found one of them easy, and even that one I had to think about for a few seconds. But before Mark said it, I figured out that every month has 28 days. Mark did seem to be doing a better job of answering the questions than either Craig or Nicole. And he’s running on a tread mill. My hat is off to him.

They get the first three correct. Then they skip to the seventh, which they have gotten wrong. And that’s when things fall apart. Nicole and Paul start arguing while Mark is running and Clay and Alex are left hanging with no place to go.

Even with all the drama, Clay and Alex got all seven bottles. But that doesn’t mean they have the money. They have to bring them all back before Mark stops running to earn the money. And they did it. He was on the treadmill for 57 minutes, but they earned all $70K.

That night, all the players start trying to decide who The Mole is. The group consensus seems to be that Nicole is The Mole. I can see that. But I’m leaning toward Paul personally at the moment. Boy, I hope I’m wrong. I would hate to have to put up with him until the end. Mark and Clay, however, decide to get Alex good and drunk before the quiz, especially since he hasn’t had an exemption yet.

The second mission this week is “Swing Out” and is worth $60K. They are to bungee jump into a gorge holding a bag of local tea. At the right time, they have to try to hit the bull’s eye. If they do, they earn $10K. However, they can still earn some money from the lesser amounts around the target. Craig turned white as soon as they got there, and Nicole isn’t a fan of heights either. Heck, even Mark was worried.

But each person is also offered a chance at an exemption. The person to guess closest to the total the group wins in this challenge without going over (stupid Price is Right rules always mess me up) gets the exemption.

Here’s the results:

Mark – guessed $10K, earned nothing
Paul – we weren’t told his guess, earned nothing
Clay – again weren’t told the guess, earned nothing
Craig (who deals with vertigo) – earned nothing but appears to have gotten the closest so far.
Alex – earned $4K
Nicole – earned nothing

So, I wonder why we only heard Mark’s guess.

And Clay, to think that Nicole missing the target was Molish when only one person actually hit the target is over the top. Which is the point that Mark made. I knew I liked something about him other than his name.

Now, we learn what everyone actually guessed. And it turns out that Mark was the closest, but they all went way over. Therefore, all six of them are up for elimination tonight.

Interestingly enough, Nicole actually started writing stuff in her journal right before the execution, taking information from Clay.

Clay and Mark did make sure Alex had plenty of wine before the quiz.

Speaking of which, shall we get to the results?

The executions are getting shorter because there are fewer players. And the executed player is Alex. Heck, they are getting shorter because they executed the first player whose results they checked. And you could see the shock in everyone’s face when that was announced.

I guess this means that Clay and Mark’s strategy of getting him drunk worked.

Which leaves us with five suspects. At least this week I can honestly say I wasn’t suspecting Alex. In fact, I kinda wanted him to win.

I’m torn between Nicole and Paul. Neither one seems to be getting along well with others. It wouldn’t surprise me if it were either one of them, but I can’t seem to zero in on one over the other.

Having said that, it seemed to me that Paul slipped in one of his interviews and actually started talking like The Mole.

Surely, you’ve got a theory backed up with something other than a pure blind guess. So help me out here. What am I missing?