Do: Take your kids to DisneyLand, regardless of their age. I never imagined getting so much enjoyment over their excitement.Don't: Have kids outnumber the adults. One adult per child. You'll save yourself from the, "hey where's small child number 6" moment of terror. Also, most rides require an adult with the child lower than your
Dear Disneyland, There's been a lot of celebrating going on. But I'm afraid the real real reason for the happiness has been lost amid the corporate boardroom battles, budget issues, marketing gobbledygook, and the need to appease the behemoth your legacy has become. But don't worry, we fans remember you. We know that it's your
The Orlando Sentinal is reporting that Disney World's Twilight Zone Tower of Terror attraction today closed for inspection after a British Teen fell ill while riding. Tower of Terror is another high thrill attraction that can produce high g's for the rider. Although these are vertical g's which are different from the lateral kind experienced