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tangled the musical

Inside “Tangled: The Musical”

A musical based on Disney’s hit animated feature “Tangled” has been rumored as a possible replacement show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios should the park decide to close the long running “Beauty and the Beast” stage musical. What would this new Tangled stage musical look like?… Read More »Inside “Tangled: The Musical”

Tangled The Musical — Behind the new Disney Cruise Line Show

The Disney Magic is now home to the newest musical in the Disney repertoire – Tangled The Musical. With original and new music by Academy Award-winning composer Alan Menken and lyrics by Glenn Slater, it’s about time Disney’s modern classic gets some synergistic love. The… Read More »Tangled The Musical — Behind the new Disney Cruise Line Show

First look at “Tangled: The Musical” on Disney Magic

Disney Cruise Line held a special live preview of one scene from “Tangled: The Musical.” The show has been specially designed for the Disney Magic and will show in the Walt Disney Theatre. This first look picks up after Rapunzel and Flynn Rider escape pursuit… Read More »First look at “Tangled: The Musical” on Disney Magic

Tangled: The Musical Heading for The Stage and Sea.

“Tangled: The Musical” Coming to Disney Cruise Line

There have been whispers of a Tangled stage show being prepared as a new Disney attraction for a couple of years. I had assumed it would be installed somewhere at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, but I was wrong. It’s being added to the Disney Magic, part of the Disney Cruise Line fleet.

“Tangled: The Musical” will feature new original music from Oscar winning composer Alan Menken and all the beloved characters from the animated feature. It’s the first time it’s been adapted for the stage.

As we’ve come to expect from Disney Cruises, the show will feature high value production and wonderful dancer numbers. Current plan is to add the show for the November 11th cruise of this year.

The show will stay true to the storyline from the hit feature film—with a few special twists to create a live staged production—featuring favorite characters like Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, the villainous Mother Gothel and Maximus the police horse.

The story follows the thrilling adventure of Rapunzel as she escapes the confines of her tower and the clutches of Mother Gothel, who wishes to shield the secret of Rapunzel’s magical golden tresses and royal roots. Rapunzel strikes up an unlikely friendship with the suave, crown-stealing bandit Flynn Rider, and together they face ruffians, thugs and a budding romance on a hair-raising journey filled with classic Disney playfulness and whimsy that will delight audiences of all ages.Read More »Tangled: The Musical Heading for The Stage and Sea.