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Inside “Tangled: The Musical”

A musical based on Disney’s hit animated feature “Tangled” has been rumored as a possible replacement show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios should the park decide to close the long running “Beauty and the Beast” stage musical. What would this new Tangled stage musical look like?

It turns out there is already a stage version of Tangled. You just have to look to the high seas and Disney Cruise Line to find “Tangled: The Musical.” It’s been an exclusive to the Disney Magic since it premiered in 2015.

The show combines the story and songs from the beloved animated film with lavish production numbers and new music for the show. It features a 15-foot-tall tower with more than 20 glowing flowers hidden in a mural design. There’s even more than 200 feet of hair to bring Rapunzels’ famous golden tresses to life on stage.

Musical Numbers

  • “Flower of Gold,” an original song featuring Flynn Rider, Mother Gothel and ensemble
  • “When Will My Life Begin?” featuring Rapunzel
  • “Mother Knows Best” featuring Mother Gothel
  • “Wanted Man,” an original song featuring Flynn Rider, the Stabbington brothers and ensemble
  • “I’ve Got a Dream” featuring Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, the Snuggly Duckling thugs, Maximus and ensemble
  • “When She Returns,” an original song featuring Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Mother Gothel, the Stabbington brothers and ensemble
  • “I See the Light,” a Grammy Award-winning ballad featuring Rapunzel and Flynn Rider

The state-of-the-art Walt Disney Theatre is host to the show. Disney has incorporated the latest theatrical technology in the theatre, which might preview any upgrades coming to the Theatre of the Stars at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

“Tangled: The Musical” runs to about 60 minutes long, which would have to be cut down for a theme park show. I’d also like to see Theatre of the Stars enclosed to allow for better lighting and in-theater effects. The Disney Magic also has a restaurant called “Rapunzel’s Royal Table.” Maybe they could make this a dinner show?

Would you like to see a stage version of Disney’s “Tangled” staged at Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

(Photos courtesy Disney Cruise Line. Ryan Wendler, photographer)