TRON: Legacy – 15 Easter Eggs

Warning: This post contains minor spoilers. If you’ve seen TRON: Legacy then you probably caught the 1979 movie poster for Disney’s The Black Hole in Sam’s bedroom. The TRON: Legacy director will also be helming a relaunch of The Black Hole franchise. IO9, one of… Read More »TRON: Legacy – 15 Easter Eggs

Behind the Kirby Heirs Lawsuit against Disney/Marvel

When the Walt Disney Company purchased Marvel Entertainment, they acquired a lot more more than just the 5,000 characters in Marvel’s stable, they also found a slate of lawsuits hiding under that  rock. Not only will Disney likely end up suing some of the other… Read More »Behind the Kirby Heirs Lawsuit against Disney/Marvel

Disney now selling Miramax Studios

Got a spare $700 million? I know two brothers you could make very happy. After laying off the last of the staff from Miramax, Disney has now announced that they’re putting the studios’ assets up for sale. Most likely suitor is Summit, which has produced… Read More »Disney now selling Miramax Studios

G-Force a Disney DVD Delight

If there is one thing Disney can be counted on it’s for releasing one or two solid films a year targeted to families. G-Force is Disney’s entry into that category this year. It’s a typical Jerry Bruckheimer movie with big effects, story that’s sometimes sacrificed for action, and aimed squarely at the family audience.

You can pick up G-Force as either an exciting Disney “Combo Pack” (a Blu-ray™ + DVD + DisneyFile Digital Copy of the movie in a single package) or on regular DVD. But the Blu-Ray combo pack is the best deal and lets you watch it the covert group of feisty furball Guinea Pigs anytime, anywhere and on a compatible format of their choice –Blu-ray player, car, PC and/or portable device. Exclusively for Blu-ray owners, there are three CGI effect bonus features that will satisfy their quest to join the rodent spy world.

The film follows a top-secret, highly trained trio of guinea pig super spies is assigned to stop a dastardly plot to take over the world in G-Force, a gorgeously rendered CGI adventure from famed producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Squad leader Darwin (voiced by Sam Rockwell) will do what it takes to guarantee the success of his team, which also includes Blaster (Tracy Morgan), an outrageous weapons expert with tons of attitude, and Juarez (Penelope Cruz), gorgeous martial arts pro. With the help of Speckles (Nicolas Cage), a star-nosed mole, and myriad other members of the animal kingdom, the G-Force tries to derail evil appliance mogul Leonard Saber’s power grab. It helps when your fly-on-the wall reconnaissance expert is, well, a fly on the wall!

When I saw it in the theater, I thought the Special Effects were very well done and it holds up at home as well. Once you’re able to suspend your disbelief about the films main conceit, you’ll quickly be absorbed into the story’s plot and action. There’s enough humor and intrigue to move the story along quickly, so the little ones won’t fade out either. Plus there are some good life lessons in there without hitting the audience over the head with it, something Disney has been known to do recently.

G-Force on DVD or Blu-Ray is a great addition to any family’s entertainment rotation.

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WALL-E, Real, Live, and in person???

DSC_0860. Originally uploaded by cuehefnerr Update: Sigh. These photos have been removed too. The photos may have been removed from that other blog, but flickr user cuehefnerr has uploaded a few into this Flickr Set. He’s a cute little fellow in real life, isn’t he.… Read More »WALL-E, Real, Live, and in person???