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Alice in Wonderland to shrink Box Office Window

Via the NY Times we get this story about how Bob Iger and the Walt Disney Studios are looking to experiment with shorter in-theater times for its movies, which in theory will lead to bigger bucks in alternate methods of distribution. I’m not sure I follow the logic there. If I’m going to spend money on owning a DVD, there’s a very good chance I saw it first in the theaters and wanted to be able to relive that experience at home. Shortening the amount of time I have to watch something in the theaters, just makes it more likely I won’t grow any attachment to the property at all.

One thing I do understand is the need to get out of the 3D theaters to make way for the next big movie. That’s exactly what Alice is doing to Avatar. So, until more 3D theaters open, this may be the defacto new reality anyway.