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Alice In Wonderland’s 3D Problem

Can Disney’s Alice In Wonderland slay the Blue beast that is Avatar? We’re going to find out in about 3 weeks. But first, it will have to push the popular film from its perch inside the various IMAX an 3D theaters around the globe. That won’t be easy.

You see, there just aren’t enough theaters capable of hosting 3D films to do justice to two 3D films being out at the same time. And since Avatar has been making lots of bank for those theater owners, they’re loathe to invite in an untested property. Thankfully Disney has secured many those theaters via distribution contracts. More on the conundrum in this audio piece at NPR.

Personally, I don’t think they have anything to worry about. The twin draws of Tim Burton and Johnny Depp will easily match the numbers Avatar has been pulling in recently.

Head to the theater March Hare… er March 5th or check out the official website here.