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Walt Disney World announces “Summer Nightastic!”

Tonight at the “What’s New, What’s Next” presentation for the media, Walt Disney World resort made some exciting announcements about what will be coming to the resort this summer. The big news is that Disney’s “Main Street Electrical Parade” will light up the streets of Magic Kingdom and headline a season of after-dark excitement they’re calling “Summer Nightastic!”

“After the sun goes down, our Walt Disney World parks will light up the night with ‘Summer Nightastic!’, ” announced Meg Crofton, president of Walt Disney World Resort, at a media event Wednesday.

If that sounds familiar it’s because Disneyland tried a similar promotion last summer. The park was crowded all summer, but the promotion itself was a bit of bust. Themed summer promotions are a grand Disneyland tradition, and I’m curious to see how it will work in Florida.

Summer Nightastic isn’t the only thing coming from Disneyland. We’re also getting their electrical parade floats. This includes the newly constructed Pinocchio float and the new Tinker Bell float. After her first DVD came out, Tink replaced the Blue Fairy at the parade’s lead.

Here’s a look at what the summer will bring:

  • With floats and characters appearing for the first time at Walt Disney World Resort, Disney’s “Main Street Electrical Parade” returns with its joyous sights and sounds. Direct from Disneyland and marking its first engagement in Florida since 2001, the cherished parade will be led by Tinker Bell waving from the basket of a magical balloon aboard a new float. Pinocchio and Snow White join the parade this summer, aboard bright new floats. Disney’s “Main Street Electrical Parade” is set for its summer-long nighttime premiere in early June at Magic Kingdom.
  • The Twilight Zone™ Tower of Terror welcomes “drop-ins” this summer with even more pulse-racing surprises. New lighting effects and the addition of a new drop sequence, created especially for “Summer Nightastic!”, will bring unexpected frights to guests who step into that infamous service elevator. If they dare.
  • What could be more summery than fireworks on a star-studded night? Magic Kingdom will treat guests to a special summer fireworks spectacular. The night sky will explode in vivid colors and brilliant visual effects as whimsical music fills the air. The new show is as yet, unnamed. Feel free to add your suggestions in the comments.
  • Other fun! The return of the Sounds Like Summer concert series to Epcot and extended evening hours at Disney’s Animal Kingdom several times a week add up to summer fun as only Disney can do – at all four Walt Disney World theme parks.

Don’t forget that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter will open this spring at Universal Orlando. So this announcement should been seen as Disney’s attempt to keep people on their property instead of at Hogwarts. Will an old friend of a parade and new fireworks be enough? That remains to be seen.

Update: Some things not mentioned tonight surprised me: Star Wars Weekends, Star Tours 2.0, anything new for EPCOT, and finishing Pop Century. Oh yeah, and Captain EO. Does that mean we don’t get the show here? Seriously. EPCOT needs a new country pavilion and they gotta do something with Future World.

16 thoughts on “Walt Disney World announces “Summer Nightastic!””

  1. WOW!!!! I’m a little excited for this! I might just go back on the Summer Alumni Program just to see this!!!! Hmmm…..

  2. I think WDW needs to:

    1] Get the new Star Tours pod racing film up and running – and make it in 3D with the glasses. It’d be nice if by SWW, but at least in time for the SW convention in August.
    2] Turn the Indiana Jones stunt show area into the Indiana Jones ride that’s at Disneyland (esp. since film #5 seems imminent)
    3] Reopen that area they used at Epcot to house the multi-country exhibit and do the same thing again. They could even have countries rotate in and out. It’d be a great way to allow countries to participate without the high costs of building an entire pavilion area.
    4] They should do a Star Tours-like simulator ride for Monsters, Inc. based on the doors-on-the-conveyor-belt sequence in the movie. This one also in 3D.
    5] Go back to the original plans for DAK and build the Beastly Kingdom. With the popularity of films like Avatar and HP, this would certainly give UO a run for its money with the Wizards land. Esp if they could broker a deal with Cameron for an Avatar-themed attraction.
    6] They need to do something at the parks (probably DHS) with all those Marvel rights they just acquired. Iron Man is hugely popular, and the Thor movie will be forthcoming. This would nab a good chunk of the male audience that likes IOA’s Marvel island.
    7] They need to have a Lost weekend, bringing in all the stars from the show. And bring back Super Soap weekend. Also, new guests for Star Wars Weekends would be nice. There’s six movies, but it seems it’s always the same actors appearing.

    That’s just off the top of my head. LOL Oh, and they really need to bring back PI in some form so adults have a place to party at night.

    1. Don’t worry, DHS is going to be getting it’s own Star Tours 2.0 also. It’ll be going down this month or next month to start refurbishing it.

      EPCOT does use the Pavilion in the countries area, but it is used for the Food and Wine Festival.

      Like what John said, there have been talks (mind you, that just means rumors) of a Monsters Inc. ride getting built. I do know from a friend who is a CM at Toy Story Mania that they are going to be closing down Backlot Tours and completely redo the Backlands area to make it “Pixar Place”. But, again, that’s just a rumor.

      They aren’t going to build Beastly Kingdom because the main draw was to be two roller coasters that would have the story of two dragons, let’s say one of ice and one of fire, and they would be dueling each other, where the cars would come very close to each other. If that ride sounds familiar, it should: it’s the Dueling Dragons (or now Dragon Challenge). also, disney just doesn’t have the budget for a whole new land, and it would kinda displace animals.

      Don’t worry, you’ll be seeing Marvel characters coming into the parks. Just because Disney bought Marvel doesn’t mean it goes right into action. These things take time.

      That’s a good idea for the LOST weekend, as for Super Soap Weekend, if you look on tv, there aren’t that many daytime soaps on, and all, except for one that i can’t remember right now, of abc’s soaps are gone. so it’s kind of pointless to have just one soap opera there…

      PI was closed because of how PI was ran. The clubs each had a sponsor, and when the economy started to decline, they pulled out. The president of DTD looked for new ones, but no one wanted to buy because of the bad economy. I know this because i worked with a gal who was in the Comedy Warehouse but went to Innoventions at the comedy show in there.

      Now realize that i have no intention of offending you, i’m just playing the other hands’ cards.

      1. You should check your TV Guide….All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital are all still alive and well on ABC Daytime and Soapnet. Bring Back Super Soap Weekend!!!

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  4. Wow Michelle. That’s a great list. One thing: They have an actually roller coaster type ride already designed for the doors-on-the-conveyor-belt sequence from Monster’s Inc. They just need to give it the greenlight. But delays with a Monster’s Inc sequel appears to have damped Disney’s desire to build it.

  5. I’d like to see how this will fit into Animal Kingdom, and I’d also like to see a name change for Future World. It was rumored a couple years back that they were going to rename it to Discoveryland. I’d like to see that happen with the return of Cptain EO and Something in Wonders Of Life. I wish.

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  8. so many of us want you to bring back super soap weekend. everyone misses it. what are the chances

    1. I don’t get why they don’t do it anymore. Every hotel room in the local area and at Disney World was filled, even with the tough economy.

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