There has never been a strike at Disney World among the general cast members. There are some who think that the time is now to have the first one. Negotiations begin again on Monday to prevent such an occurance. Disney spokeswoman Jacquee Polak said Friday the contract represented the company's best offer. "The only thing
More details on the strike vote from the Orlando Sentinel:Some union leaders said the prospect of a strike was not realistic. Under Florida law, not everyone represented by a union has to be a member. Of the roughly 22,000 members of the trades council, slightly more than half are members.This would mean that a number
So much for my prediction capabilities. Local news is reporting that not only have Disney Workers rejected the contract offer, but they've authorized a strike if the union leaders call for it. Union leaders have called in a federal mediator, so a strike is unlikely in the immediate future. The holidays are fast approaching with
The Union Members representing over 20,000 workers at the Orlando Florida Disney property will vote this thursday on their next contract. Four of the six unions have recommended this contract to their members. The two remaining unions are urging their members to vote no and want a contract where Disney makes up the difference in
The next industry in line to strike for maintaining their health care benefits appears to be the hourly cast members at Disney World. Walt Disney World has never had a strike, unlike it's older sibling Disneyland, but the sides seem very far apart on the same issue that has been the cause of many a