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Union Protest at Disneyland today

Hanging out around Disneyland today and wondering what all the police presence was about? Well it was another demonstration from Unite Here, you know the ones who had people dress up as Disney characters and get arrested. Well the struggle is still on going and… Read More »Union Protest at Disneyland today

Disneyland draws quick contract with largest union

Disney has agreed to a contract that ensures yearly raises for the employees in its largest union – the Master Services Council. This includes 6500 employees who work in the two theme parks. Meanwhile the situation drags on with Unite Here who is fighting for… Read More »Disneyland draws quick contract with largest union

Hollywood Actor Strike Looming?

In what looks to be a possible repeat of the earlier Writer’s Strike, the Screen Actor’s Guild is finding difficult to reach agreement over DVD residuals with the big movie studios. At this point neither side is looking to force a strike, but if the… Read More »Hollywood Actor Strike Looming?

Morning Round Up – July 9th

Ratatouille brought in a very tasty $29 million at the box office this weekend placing it second behind that 80’s toy film. That puts the latest film from Pixar over the $115 million mark with hardly any worldwide box office included. The real competition opens this week with Harry Potter returning to his wizardly ways… Read More »Morning Round Up – July 9th

WDW Unionized Security rejects Contract

On the heels of the recent contract votes for the unions representing almost half of the WDW workforce, Disney World’s Security is in negotiations over some of the same details (higher healthcare costs, overtime, etc) that were the sticking points with the larger group. As before the union leaders have recommended that the workers accept… Read More »WDW Unionized Security rejects Contract

Contract Approved

The vote for the new contract at Walt Disney World was yesterday. The slightly revised version was approved. This means there will be no strike and that employees dreaming of picking up extra shifts are out of luck. It also means higher health care costs, less overtime, and hopefully a steadier schedule for the resorts… Read More »Contract Approved

Countdown to strike?

What happens when both sides of a contract negotiation take the hard line and refuse to budge. Usually it means a strike. Disney has made the unions a slightly modified contract offer and a vote is expected this Thursday. Since Disney has refused to extend the contract beyond Thursday a no vote from the union… Read More »Countdown to strike?

Extreme Makeover: House Edition Strikes again

A Seattle area family is the most recent recipient of Disney’s Largess. Burned by a fire that leveled their house, then burned by their insurance agent, the Dore familly have been living in a storage shed without electricity or plumbing. Then the neighbors nominated the family to the ABC television show. A Walt Disney World… Read More »Extreme Makeover: House Edition Strikes again