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Countdown to strike?

What happens when both sides of a contract negotiation take the hard line and refuse to budge. Usually it means a strike. Disney has made the unions a slightly modified contract offer and a vote is expected this Thursday. Since Disney has refused to extend the contract beyond Thursday a no vote from the union members would mean a strike.

Something has caused the Disney Company to take a stand now and force a final vote on the strike. I suspect that the mouse house wants an early strike so they have time to hire replacements and shift labor hours before the busy holiday season kicks next week.

I can’t predict this one way or another. Disney might be counting on more employees voting yes on the contract when faced with the real prospect of a strike. But I get the feeling that there is strong support among the core union members for a strike.

Walt Disney was never a big fan of unions. However, up to now The Walt Disney Company in Orlando has played ball with the unions resulting in a strike free history at the resort. But looks like the gloves are off this time. So stay tuned to The Disney Blog and; we’ll keep you up to date on any strike and the affect it has on the Walt Disney World Resorts.