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Disneyworld Union Vote Coming Up

The vote by Disneyworld’s largest employee union is coming up this week. Union leaders are recommending that they reject Disney’s offer. This could lead to Disneyworld’s first strike since the 80s as soon as this week.

Florida just passed an increases to the minimum wage, so there does appear to be some popular support for employees asking for increase wages. But I worry about the whole Health Care issue. The perception among the public is that they’re being asked to shoulder more of the healthcare costs, so why shouldn’t the Disney employees? So that might backfire.

Although both sides still appear far apart the article does mention that they’ll request a federal mediator before going on strike. So no need to cancel your vacations, yet.

2 thoughts on “Disneyworld Union Vote Coming Up”

  1. Aw, crap. DW and I are going down there for vaction from the 13th-20th. Ever since you’ve been posting about a possible strike, I kept thinking, “You know, it would be our dumb luck…” Sigh.

  2. I have a family tripped booked for November 30 – December 5th. Hopefully everything will be over by then. My daughter and her friend will be heart broken if we had to cancel for a second time (we had a Disney cruise and Disneyworld trip planned a year or so ago that we had to cancel)

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