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New Mickey Balloon colors available at Walt Disney World

About a week ago, I was exploring Main Street USA at the Magic Kingdom when I noticed the balloon vendor was holding some iconic Mickey Mouse balloons that were solid color instead of the semi-translucent colors we’d grown accustomed to as of late. Look close… Read More »New Mickey Balloon colors available at Walt Disney World

2017 Walt Disney World Merchandise

It’s become an annual tradition. With a few weeks left to go in the year, Walt Disney World swaps out merchandise branded with the current year and starts to stock souvenirs for the next. I popped into MouseGear in EPCOT to discover the switch is… Read More »2017 Walt Disney World Merchandise

New Star Wars Pressed Pennies Available at Disney Springs

The latest trend in Elongated Coins (or Pressed Pennies if you prefer) is automatic machines. Just insert your money and out pops the souvenir coin. These have been available for a while near the Little Mermaid show exit at Disney’s Hollywood Studios but have now… Read More »New Star Wars Pressed Pennies Available at Disney Springs

EPCOT’s Germany Features Fun Disney Themed Merchandise

One of the common complaints I hear about the parks concerns the lack of souvenirs that are specific to the attraction, show, or experience that gave you that magic feeling. So, I’m happy to announce that there has been some great progress made, at least if you’re in EPCOT’s Germany Pavilion. In addition to the many gifts and goodies that you might find had you traveled to Germany, they’ve recently introduced a number of Disney themed items.

Although it’s still September, technically Octoberfest is already underway. There’s is a fun collection of Goofy themed merchandise created for Octoberfest.

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New Light-Up Caps Are Fun Souvenir

Forget the Mickey Mouse Ears my number one most favorite souvenir to buy when I visited Disneyland were the light up hats. In particular I liked that visor with the lights that would blink, especially the Captain EO one. It’s not exactly the same, but… Read More »New Light-Up Caps Are Fun Souvenir

Disneyland – 1988

A lot sure has changed in 20 years…

CoverKeep reading for scans from 1988’s entire souvenir guide. Click for bigger. I apologize for the lack of quality, it is a 20 year old guide. All images copyright 1988, The Walt Disney Company.

Update. I’m keeping the thumbnails on this post, but for the full size scans please visit this set on Flickr. – ed.

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Disney in hot water of factories in China

Disney’s in hot water again over purported mistreatment of workers in the Chinese factories that manufacture your favorite Disney crap souvenirs. According to the Orlando Sentinel Disney is hiring an outside firm to investigate the allegations. Disney is also looking to clean up the image of its Board of Directors. The NY Times reports that… Read More »Disney in hot water of factories in China

Happy Party Gras!!!

A quick trip down Memory Lane in honor of Mardi Gras. The year was 1990, the occasion was Disneyland’s 35th Anniversary. A event which I missed due to my being a poor college student at the time. The parade was Party Gras! This parade is often ranked as the best Disneyland parade ever. It featured… Read More »Happy Party Gras!!!