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EPCOT’s Germany Features Fun Disney Themed Merchandise

One of the common complaints I hear about the parks concerns the lack of souvenirs that are specific to the attraction, show, or experience that gave you that magic feeling. So, I’m happy to announce that there has been some great progress made, at least if you’re in EPCOT’s Germany Pavilion. In addition to the many gifts and goodies that you might find had you traveled to Germany, they’ve recently introduced a number of Disney themed items.

Although it’s still September, technically Octoberfest is already underway. There’s is a fun collection of Goofy themed merchandise created for Octoberfest.

They’ve also created a nice logo for the pavilion that you can buy on a number of items, including this tile or mug:

And a host of new t-shirts

What do you think? Do you have a favorite item? Oddly, Germany seems to be the only country with such a wide range of Disney themed merchandise. Maybe the rest are still coming?

3 thoughts on “EPCOT’s Germany Features Fun Disney Themed Merchandise”

  1. So happy to see new specific merchandise available

    Didn’t Italy also receive a new batch of merchaindise just recently?

  2. Love all of it! I bought that ceramic mug last year. I could have bought more Disney themed stuff, but I opted to get an authentic Oktoberfest Stein for my collection. That last shirt is right up my alley. Wish I had one for this years Oktoberfest festivities =^( Nice post!

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