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Pixar’s short film Presto now on iTunes

If you’ve seen WALL-E then hopefully you’ve also seen the delightfully wacky short that proceeded it–Presto! Well, you’ll be happy to hear that it’s now available to buy on iTunes along with a host of other Pixar and Disney animated shorts.

Classic Chip ‘n’ Dale Holiday Shorts

It’s the holiday season and the time to whip out those good old Disney holiday animated shorts. While there are many great shorts like 1932’s “Mickey’s Good Deed” and its iconic depression-era tale of selfless giving, perhaps none are as festive and fun as the classic Chip ‘n’ Dale films. I personally have three favorites… Read More »Classic Chip ‘n’ Dale Holiday Shorts

Joe Ranft: the legacy…

The shockwaves from Pixar Animator and Story man Joe Ranft’s death continue to spread across the internet and the world. Searches on his name now rank number 3 on technorati and reflections on how Ranft’s work and life continue to be posted. Ranft’s death is immensely sad news for the creators and fans of animation… Read More »Joe Ranft: the legacy…

Disneyland circa 1970

For those who were born in the 80s and more recently, it’s hard to believe there was a time before the ubiquity of computers in our lives. Yep. Cash registers were all mechanical. Totals were often figured out on the fly in peoples heads. Tickets were torn or punched to indicate prior usage. Pneumatic tubes… Read More »Disneyland circa 1970

Pixar’s Joe Ranft killed in Auto Accident

You may have known him as the voice of Heimlich the caterpillar from Pixar’s hit film "A Bug’s Life", but to the folks at Pixar in Emeryville Joe Ranft was so much more. He was a story man, a voice artist, a humorist, a family man, and an artist. As a lead on nearly every… Read More »Pixar’s Joe Ranft killed in Auto Accident

Tom Oreb and Vintage Disney

Correction: I knew this was Ward Kimball… don’t know why I posted it as Tom Oreb… oy… my bad. Via BoingBoing we find this delicious collection of stills from Tom Oreb’s work on Mars & Beyond. To that I add this interesting tidbit for those who are venturing to Walt Disney World in the near… Read More »Tom Oreb and Vintage Disney

SeaWorld Orlando Water Park given go-ahead

I meant to post about this the other day, but it just slid off my radar. SeaWorld has been given permission by the county to go ahead with construction on its, as yet un-named, Water Park. Nearby residents were upset at the plans to build on a piece of property a relatively short distance away.… Read More »SeaWorld Orlando Water Park given go-ahead