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Roger Rabbit

Two Disney films added to National Film Registry

Each year the National Film Registry selects new films to be added to the permanent archive of culturally significant films at the Library of Congress. Films must also be at least 10 years old before they can be added. With the 25 announced yesterday, there… Read More »Two Disney films added to National Film Registry

Roger Rabbit’s place in Ducktales History

Yesterday we saw some Disney animation test footage with an early rendition of Roger Rabbit before he became the Roger Rabbit we all know and love from the movie. We also, completely coincidentally, watched the opening of Ducktales remade with real ducks. But did you… Read More »Roger Rabbit’s place in Ducktales History

Grandma becomes Jessica Rabbit

Annette Edwards, who breeds championship rabbits, decided that she wanted to go a step further and become a rabbit. Jessica Rabbit that is. Here’s a clip from “This Morning” a UK show interviewing Annette as well as showing some before and after photos. At age… Read More »Grandma becomes Jessica Rabbit

Another Round for Roger Rabbit?

The MTV Movies Blog was there when Director Robert Zemeckis let loose that he’s been thinking of a return visit to Toon Town and the world of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Apparently the lure of 3D and motion capture technology has him thinking about what… Read More »Another Round for Roger Rabbit?

Disney and Dreamworks? A Match Made in Heaven

020909 Update: The deal is now official. Nikki Finke reported it first, then the NY Times confirmed the news… Dreamworks SKG¬† (the film and tv, but not the animation, division) has ended negotiations to partner with Universal Studios and instead is heading just a bit… Read More »Disney and Dreamworks? A Match Made in Heaven