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WALL-E Reviews and Mega Link Collection

A little robot called WALL-E rolls its way into movie theaters tonight at midnight and then into the hearts of millions. This post will be a clearing house for all the news, reviews, and great links I can find on Pixar’s feature animated hit WALL-E.… Read More »WALL-E Reviews and Mega Link Collection

V.I.N.CENT rides again?

Before there was WALL-E, Disney’s most famous robot was V.I.N.CENT the robot from Disney’s “The Black Hole.” His name is an acronym for Vital Information Necessary, CENTralized. (Man, that was a stretch.) Although he was essentially a poor-man’s R2D2, he could hover, fight, and even… Read More »V.I.N.CENT rides again?

WALL•E Meets the Space Needle

WALL•E Meets the Space Needle Originally uploaded by indigoskye WALL•E, the robot from Disney/Pixar’s upcoming animated feature release “WALL•E,” checks out the Seattle sights, developing a special – though not surprising interest in the city’s landmark Space Needle. Built in 1962, the Space Needle served… Read More »WALL•E Meets the Space Needle

Wall-e News and Updates

Some quick news from the world of Pixar’s WALL-E.

Finally, below the cut you’ll find another cute vignette of Wall-E encountering a fire hydrant.

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Video of Real Life WALL-E Robot in action

Wall-E in Real LifeFinally, images and video of the real life version of the WALL-E robot from the Pixar/Disney summer animated feature in action. This photo and video was taken on an excursion in Los Angeles. WALL-E is going to be huge as even this version is too cute.

See the video on Vimeo! (or below the cut) Almost 20,000 people have already seen the video. That’s cool.

Btw, this is the version that is supposed to eventually make it’s way to schools, children’s hospitals and theme parks.

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