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V.I.N.CENT rides again?

V.I.N.CENT from Disney\'s The Black HoleBefore there was WALL-E, Disney’s most famous robot was V.I.N.CENT the robot from Disney’s “The Black Hole.” His name is an acronym for Vital Information Necessary, CENTralized. (Man, that was a stretch.) Although he was essentially a poor-man’s R2D2, he could hover, fight, and even communicate via ESP. He even has his own Wikipedia page.

Also check out Ed over at The Blog Wore Tennis Shoes with his look at “The Black Hole” Golden book and this fan page FAQ for details on the movie.

I hear that if you keep your eyes open during Pixar’s WALL-E you’ll see a robot that is a tribute to Vincent.

3 thoughts on “V.I.N.CENT rides again?”

  1. Thanks for this retro flashback! The Black hole and Tron.. two movies from my youth! I will for sure look for the nod to V.I.N.CENT in WALL-E !

  2. I loved V.I.N.Cent. I saw the movie in 1980 (age 9).I used to have the model, but I was a dumb kid when I got him, so… I broke him 3 days later and Mom chucked the remains in the trash. Anyway, I know he was a supposed rip-off of R2 (Cute cuddly robot) and C-3PO (English accent and philosophy), but neither of them blew the crap outta bad guys.

    I have the standard Mego figure of V.I.N.Cent (broken but repaired), and he’s hanging from my desk.

    And Wall-E does resemble V.I.N.Cent (or Old B.O.B.) in same ways. The cuteness, body and arms, and the eyes.

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