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Dancing with the Stars Week Four: The Waltz and the Paso

Heading into week four, we get to watch the stars dance either the Viennese Waltz or the Paso Doble. These always make for a fun combo. Hopefully tonight doesn’t disappoint.

Kristi Yamaguchi & Mark Ballas – Paso Doble – Well, if Kristi was going to work on her emotions, this was the week to do it. This dance is always more fun with some emotion. Again, she was technically perfect. But I felt she still had some work to do on her emotions. She did have more then one facial expression, but it still seemed a little stiff to me. Len agrees with me, but Bruno and Carrie Ann thought it was a huge step forward.

Scores: Carrie Ann – 10 Len – 9 Bruno – 10 Total – 29 That’s exactly what I expected from the comments. The first 10’s this season, and just barely off a perfect score. And we’re only on week four.

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Week Three Results

After watching last night’s show, I can hardly wait to see what happens tonight. So shall we get to it? Okay, the only prediction I was at all confident about was the encore. But I was dead wrong. The judges decided they wanted to see… Read More »Week Three Results

Dancing with the Stars – Results

So, here we are with the first results of the season.  Shall we get to it?

They promised us they would start the elimination right at the start of the show.  They were wrong.  After a recap of last night, we got an encore dance, something I forgot to predict.  They chose Jason and Edyta’s Mambo for the encore.  Frankly, it was one that was on my radar when I thought about it earlier today.  And it was a fun dance to watch again.

So it was about 10 minutes in before they started telling us which couples were saved.  They did the men in the first half hour before moving on to the women.  So I will do it in that order as well.

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Round One – Ladies’ Night

So now it’s the ladies’ turn to take the stage and show us what they’ve got.  The more I’ve thought about it, the more I was disappointed with the men last night.  So we’ll see if the ladies can impress me more.  Of course, we… Read More »Round One – Ladies’ Night

Monday Night Roundup

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