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Week Three Results

After watching last night’s show, I can hardly wait to see what happens tonight. So shall we get to it?

Okay, the only prediction I was at all confident about was the encore. But I was dead wrong. The judges decided they wanted to see Steve Guttenberg and Jonathan Robert’s Tango from rehearsals. It wasn’t something I want to see every week, but it was priceless just for the expressions on their faces. And the way they handled the ending.

Of course, this makes me wonder how my other predictions will hold up. Especially since I wasn’t that confident with them.

The section on how the stars relax was hilarious. It seemed that every star got funnier. I actually believed that Jason built model ships, but I knew something was up when Marlee said she was a cop at night. We learned that Shannon is president of the MacGyver fan club and Marissa surfs. But the funniest was Steve as a rapper. This was a great April Fool’s segment. In fact, I’m wondering if the encore was part of the April Fool’s theme as well. I bet it was.

Bottom Two:
After all their talk about not revealing the bottom two last week, they once again announced at the last minute they wouldn’t reveal them again this week.

After much theatrics and nail biting suspense, they finally let us know that the couple going home was Steve Guttenberg and Anna Trebunskaya. Well, he was in my bottom two prediction, but I am really sorry to see him go. Granted, he wasn’t the best dancer, but I had hoped to see him go further.

Well, that’s it for this week. See you next week when the ballroom opens again.