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Real D

Regal Getting More 3-D, Time Warner Cable Split

In distribution news, Regal Entertainment Group has reached a deal with Real D 3D to upgrade 1,500 cinema screens with 3-D technology.  In addition to Regal Cinemas, Regal also owns the United Artists  cinemas and Edwards Cinemas. Time Warner plans to go ahead and fully… Read More »Regal Getting More 3-D, Time Warner Cable Split

Movie News: 3-D and a New Studio

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Two pieces of movie news in today’s Los Angeles Times caught my attention. Lorenza Muñoz explores the coming competition for the biggest 3-D movie in 2009 between News Corp’s 20th Century Fox and Dreamworks Animation for Memorial Day weekend, the traditional start of the summer movie season in the U.S. DreamWorks’ "Monsters vs. Aliens" will… Read More »Movie News: 3-D and a New Studio

Roy Disney Invests in Real D

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Joseph Menn of the Los Angeles Times reports that Roy Disney’s Shamrock Holdings, Inc. is investing in Real D, a company that is bringing 3-D systems to cinemas. "We’ve been sniffing around the digital cinema space for a while," Shamrock Capital Growth’s managing director, Stephen Royer, said. "It’s really the only viable mass-market solution." Based… Read More »Roy Disney Invests in Real D

3-D Cinema Here to Stay This Time?

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Nicole Sperling and Carolyn Giardina of The Hollywood Reporter write that "Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas 3-D" was the tipping point. Still, many challenges on the deployment of digital cinema remain. More than 2,000 screens out of 43,000 nationwide have been deployed, with technology integrator AccessIT being the most bullish in its rollout. The… Read More »3-D Cinema Here to Stay This Time?

Hurricane Katrina passes Mickey by

You can never really tell what a hurricane will do, it creates its own weather patterns. But for now, it appears that Katrina is taking a westerly path and will spare Orlando and the Disney World area any real damage. There have been no closures announced and as far as I know, everything remains open… Read More »Hurricane Katrina passes Mickey by

More on the end of the Disney Magazine

Although Disney Magazine made money, it was not considered a "growth" publication by the powers-that-be at Publishing. So, instead of letting it chug along being successful and turning a profit, however small, the potentially damaging and expensive decision to shut it down was reportedly made. has posted a letter that claims one more issue… Read More »More on the end of the Disney Magazine

Dream On, Animation Funereal Dirge

The Orlando Sentinal considers the documentary film "Dream on, Silly Dreamer" that captured the final days of hand drawn animation at the Walt Disney Studios. The article also has a look at some of the personal stories that arose from the closing of the Disney Animation Studios in Orlando. For instance, Project Firefly Animation Studios… Read More »Dream On, Animation Funereal Dirge

The Real Damage in Orlando

With Hurricane, now tropical storm, Frances moving on the digging out process begins. For the hotel, convention, and tourism industry the good news is that they were mostly spared the damage caused by Hurricane Charley. The real damage will be when the lost dollars expected from Labor Day weekend are totalled. There does remain the… Read More »The Real Damage in Orlando