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The Real Damage in Orlando

With Hurricane, now tropical storm, Frances moving on the digging out process begins. For the hotel, convention, and tourism industry the good news is that they were mostly spared the damage caused by Hurricane Charley. The real damage will be when the lost dollars expected from Labor Day weekend are totalled. There does remain the threat of Tornados and injury from debris and down power lines, so please play it safe everyone.

Universal Studios opened today. Seaworld did too, albeit a few hours late. Disney World is open according to the schedule posted previously. Even damage from rising water was limited:

As Sunday progressed, rain raised the water levels in the numerous canals that drain Disney’s swampy property. A few trees fell on roads and golf courses throughout the resort, and rain and wind sprayed brown pine needles and palm fronds across the asphalt. The wind bent a few signs.

Good thing they can drain those lakes and canals. It’s hard to find an official rain total, but I heard some places had over two feet of rain in a 24 hour period.