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Roy Disney Invests in Real D

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Joseph Menn of the Los Angeles Times reports that Roy Disney’s Shamrock Holdings, Inc. is investing in Real D, a company that is bringing 3-D systems to cinemas.

"We’ve been sniffing around the digital cinema space for a while," Shamrock Capital Growth’s managing director, Stephen Royer, said. "It’s really the only viable mass-market solution."

Based in Burbank, Shamrock Holdings is the investment vehicle for the family of Roy Disney, nephew of the late Walt Disney.

Shamrock’s bet comes as Hollywood has become enamored again with 3-D movies, which some cinema owners believe could help smooth their volatile box-office returns.

Today’s 3-D is nothing like the gimmicky days of cheesy monster flicks watched through green-and-red glasses. Advances include polarized glasses — in only one shade — that ensure each eye sees only the image intended for it.

The more stories I see like this, the more I’m convinced that 3-D cinema will be here to stay this time.  Cinema needs advancements to stay ahead of home entertainment.

1 thought on “Roy Disney Invests in Real D”

  1. Good for Roy. The best of the Disney tradition. Our movie viewing in theaters is greatly reduced due to cost and in-home DVD’s, but if I can see quality films in
    3-D… not with cheap stunts, but real quality depth in the settings and action… I’m there.

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