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project future

Disney’s Private Government Loses its Manager

The longtime manager of Reedy Creek Water District, the governmental body Disney had the state set up to make Walt Disney World possible (this is the book to read), has announced that he will be stepping down. Thomas DeWolf is 84 and suffering from diabetes,… Read More »Disney’s Private Government Loses its Manager

Family Feud involves Walt’s Grandchildren

Add large sums of money to any relationship and you always risk controversy. Even the Disney family isn’t immune. The story begins with Disney’s youngest daughter, who died 17 years ago. She left her twins, a son and daughter each now 40, and another daughter… Read More »Family Feud involves Walt’s Grandchildren

Project Future Giveaway

Chad Emerson was kind enough to provide The Disney Blog a copy of his book, “Project Future”, which I just reviewed here, to give away. I also have a copy of Kevin Yee’s ‘101 things you never knew about Walt Disney World‘ hanging around. So… Read More »Project Future Giveaway