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Family Feud involves Walt’s Grandchildren

Add large sums of money to any relationship and you always risk controversy. Even the Disney family isn’t immune.

The story begins with Disney’s youngest daughter, who died 17 years ago. She left her twins, a son and daughter each now 40, and another daughter enormous sums kept in trusts. One of the twins is now in a legal fight with her father, and the other twin is on his side. The father is being accused by a Disney family adviser, a lawyer and relatives of improperly enriching himself from trust dealings, which he denies. He, in turn, accuses the other side of trying to seize control of the trust money.

There’s even a bit of Disney history involved here as Bill Lund was the advance man, as detailed in the excellent Project Future book, for the secret process of Walt Disney World land acquisition.

The details get a bit soap opera, but let’s just say there is a coma, power of attorney, and court challenge involved.

I’ve met extended members of the Lund family and found them to be very pleasant folk. It’s always sad when something like this happens to any family. Hopefully they can work it out.