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Disney’s Private Government Loses its Manager

The longtime manager of Reedy Creek Water District, the governmental body Disney had the state set up to make Walt Disney World possible (this is the book to read), has announced that he will be stepping down. Thomas DeWolf is 84 and suffering from diabetes, so you can’t really blame him for wanting to retire. He’s been an officer for Reedy Creek since 1974 and served as the district President since 1976.

This, of course, means there is an opening for someone else to join the board. Disney owns almost every acre of the Reedy Creek Water District, and the votes are allocated one per acre. Yet, members of the board must also be residents of Reedy Creek. So Disney gives each board member 5 acres to live on, which the new member will also get. The properties are right outside the back door of the Magic Kingdom, which makes for a pretty amazing commute.

All this leaves me with one question… to whom do I send my resume?