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Revenge – Episode 10 – A few things….

Editor: Estelle is back with another amazing recap of ABC’s Revenge. I apologize for the tardiness of her post. It’s 100% my fault.

A few announcements before we begin:

  1. Victoria debuts a few new hair styles.
  2. It’s still summer in the Hamptons.
  3. These characters reign as “Best Dressed” on TV.
  4. Things are just as crazy, if not crazier, in the land of Revenge.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, this episode opens with Emily regaining control by practicing karate with Mr. T and divorce papers. It’s the beginning of the end of everyone’s favorite couple and Victoria seems thrown for a loop. Crappy for Ashley who is all dressed up for a breakfast and has suddenly has nowhere to go when Victoria doesn’t feel up to breakfast (or Ashley calling her “Victoria”). But Ashley is ready to suck up this morning and Victoria asks her to get Daniel back, which, of course, she can do. And now she can call her Victoria again.

We get the first of the awkward Ashley and Tyler run-ins when Tyler justifies his kiss with Nolan as him being ambitious and doing it for both of them. He invites her out to dinner that night – fancy place – and while she agrees, I’m not sure Ashley is on Tyler’s team like she used to be before.

Then there’s Jack. I thought he was a smart guy. But first, he believes “Amanda” when she says she is his Amanda from childhood. (Still not seeing the resemblance.) And then when Sammy the wonder dog can’t stop barking at her, Jack thinks the whole thing is a fluke. What? C’mon guy. “Amanda” also has blocked out her childhood and doesn’t want to hear Jack reminisce. I guess I can give her a pass on that one. Not too hard to believe that a person who went through what “Amanda” did might want to talk about anything.

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Revenge 1.6: Intrigue

Spoilers and more spoilers.

Only on a show like Revenge would a woman fall several feet onto a taxi and SURVIVE.

Yes, you heard me. Lydia is not dead. She’s in a coma.

I’m as shocked as you are, believe me.

This week, luckily, we caught a reprieve after the constant action from the last episode. Yet again, Emily zeroing in on one person and surprising us with her super powers doesn’t happen. Instead, Emily is dealing with the aftermath of Lydia’s fall and what this could mean for her entire game plan. Nolan shows Emily the webcam, and they decide that Frank is the one they have to get rid of now. Nolan emails the video to Conrad who takes the bait, and immediately jumps into action.

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Revenge: Series Premiere – Building A Mystery

Editor: Please welcome guest author Estelle who will tracking the twisting storylines wrapped up in ABC’s new drama Revenge.

Revenge is sweet and… perplexing?

Whoever said everything is better in the Hamptons was obviously not at Emily Thorne’s engagement party. Fireworks explode, masking the sound of gun shots. David, the groom, is missing and as Emily’s future mother-in-law enchants the crowd with a warm (sarcasm, learn it) congratulatory speech, you know exactly what has happened… kind of. That’s the general feeling I had while watching Revenge last night. You sort of know, and then you have no idea all over again.

The newest ABC drama definitely knows how to keep the mystery alive.

After the opening scene, viewers are transported to five months before when a fresh-faced and flawless Emily (Emily VanCamp of Everwood) decides to rent a house in Southampton, New York – land of the wealthy and fabulous with a beachy backdrop. It’s not just any house, but the home she once shared with her father when she was a little girl, then known as Amanda. Cue some more flashbacks. We soon realize that Emily is not there to ride a wave of nostalgia but to make her own waves within the affluent crowd that unjustly brought her father down 17 years ago.

Get it? Revenge.

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“Old Spice Guy” lands a recurring role on ABC’s Charlie’s Angels

Isaiah Mustafa, better known as the “Old Spice Guy” has been announced as a recurring member of the upcoming ABC “Charlie’s Angels” reboot.

Mustafa will appear as the former fiancé of angel Kate Prince (played by Annie Ilonzeh.) His role, Ray Goodson, is a police detective who has a run in or two with the net batch of angels (via TVLine.) Mustafa has been seen on NCIS, Castle, Chuck and in the movie “Horrible Bosses” but this is probably his largest role since appearing as the face of Old Spice on a number of commercials and funny YouTube videos.

Charlie’s Angels premieres on Thursday September 22nd at 8pm, but Mustafa’s episodes are set to begin a few weeks after. Watch the trailer for Charlie’s Angels below, as well as the most popular “Old Spice Guy” commercials after the jump.

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