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Charlie’s Angels – Episode 2 of ???

Nothing says episode 2 like a fashion show…am I right!? We begin with Eve and Abby heading down the runway during Miami fashion week while Kate and Bosley look on from the audience. This turns into a crazy chase for a stalker, resulting in Eve tackling him into the ocean. From here, we learn of Gabriella Evans, a model working in Miami who has gone missing. Via a lead from the stalkers photos (They come in handy sometimes! No…okay then…) we learn about Gabriella’s “Best Friend” and fellow model Devin Ross and how they just recently had a huge fight. Abby gets into character to join Devin’s “crew” and get invited to her house (A huge mansion filled with other girls as well…which screams CLUE for the Angels).

When Abby is raiding Gabriella’s room at the house, which has been recently locked up, she finds a deed to a condo in the area and over $100,000 bucks. Abby is then introduced to the Mitch, a finance guy who can get her out of her “financial troubles” (Can you say, Lie for the case?). Around this time, we also meet Kate’s old flame and former fiancé (The Old Spice guy, and no, he did not have tickets to that thing you love) who is a fellow detective/cop. They raid the condo and find…Gabriella, let’s just say not in the best “form”. Abby heads to dinner with Mitch for a meeting, and realizes that the whole reason of the house full of models is to wed guys, who need their green cards, and most are criminals (oh snap).

This turns into Swirlies for Mitch (with freakin’ awesome toilet bowl camera shots by the way!) a crazy Russian assassination attempt towards the Russian First Lady (Via Gabriella’s green card finder husband) and a great end to a really solid episode. It seems as if they became a little less stiff since the first episode, which is always a plus. Hopefully the ratings can rise from that.

Ratings for the first episode were not bad, 8.7 million. Not the best, but they can work from that. I am really enjoying the show, especially since I can now do this every week…


  • Abby is wearing Alexander Wang…just wanted to let you know about that SHAMELESS PLUG!
  • The Angels have Dolce and Gabbana glasses with a live stream camera in it…I want a pair!
  • Kate has a little attitude when talking about men “What did you guys say?” “He said back off, I said Hell No.”
  • The angels like to make decoys for cases into full-blown skits and productions…give them a Tony!
  • Abby has a “special relationship with shoes”…her words, not mine…

So that is it for this week of my Charlie’s Angels recap. Please, I would love some feedback from The Disney Blog readers. Do you like this format, what do you want to see in these recaps? Am I giving away to much information about the episode, or am I giving away too little? Let me know…in the comments below. Thanks for reading, and always remember, 8/7c on ABC (Start Here). See ya next week!