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The Possibility Shop and My Adoration of Courtney Watkins

So, I recently started an internship with the Jim Henson Company, which has had a very close relationship with Disney ever since they sold the Muppets in 2004. (Just so you know, the internship is awesome!!) Well, this week at work I got to meet Courtney Watkins, the bubbly, charismatic host of The Possibility Shop. For those of you who are not familiar with the darling web series, which airs on the Disney Living website, it is essentially an arts and crafts show that provides parents and children with imaginative projects they can do together. For example, in one of my favorite episodes (“Slumber Party Camp-in Kit”), Courtney teaches her young guests how to recreate a safe and fun camping experience right in your own living room. As a mother herself, Courtney’s primary goal is to promote family fun and creativity, which I think she does in a very unique way.

Since the show is produced by the Jim Henson Company, I was lucky enough to spend some time with the host this week. Let me just say that the whole reason I am writing this post is because I need to share just how wonderful Courtney is. From the very minute I met her, she was interested in knowing about me and my life, even though I was just an intern and she had a million other things to worry about. She completely embodies the description of a perfect mother: she is extremely friendly, warm, respectful, charming, innocent and energetic. When she was in front of an audience, she didn’t demand attention. Rather, we were all drawn to her automatically, including some of the more rowdy children. She also referred to everyone by name, which was impressive, to say the least, considering there were over 30 people that she had only just met. In all, she was exactly how she is on the show, and turned out to be one of the most genuinely pleasant and caring people I have ever met.

For those of you with younger children, I would highly recommend following the series! Each of the webisodes are usually under 4ish minutes, which means it does not require a huge time commitment. Children LOVE her, and her projects are worthwhile and simple. Also, Courtney is certainly a wonderful role model to have in your home! To get an idea of what The Possibility Shop is like, watch the video below!

“The Possibility Shop” is now on Season 3. Read more about the series here and follow it on Facebook here!

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