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Slowly but surely Disney Online has become a repository for web series keeping the needs of the entire family in mind. Cat Cora and the Muppets were recently announced, but even before that had ‘The Possibility Shop,’ which featured the talents of the Jump Henson Company. A second season of “The Possibility Shop” (, an original web series produced by The Jim Henson Company has just debuted.

The site, which can be accessed through, will be updated every two to three weeks with content designed to inspire the imagination of the entire family through creative projects, activities and games. The Clorox Company returns as the exclusive sponsor for all 20 webisodes in season two of “The Possibility Shop.”

Building on the success of its first season, season two of “The Possibility Shop” features creator and host Courtney Watkins engaging directly with moms as they discover their own “how to, can do” attitude on projects that will surprise, intrigue and delight their families and themselves. The second season will run through August 2011 with webisodes focusing on finding whimsy in the every day, as well as fun, out-of-the-box ideas for celebrating holidays, the change of seasons, and more. New to season two, each webisode will also feature one of Courtney Watkins’ ‘Bright Ideas,’ a quick and easy family activity related to that webisode’s content that will also feature products from The Clorox Company.

“We are excited to debut a second season of ‘The Possibility Shop’ with the goal of reaching and engaging an even broader audience of moms, building on the success of the first season,” said Emily Smith, vice president, Disney Online Mom and Family Portfolio. “Moms specifically, will benefit from the useful and creative advice the show offers for finding fun in their everyday lives.”

“We’re known for fostering imagination at The Jim Henson Company and Courtney Watkins’ irreverence, whimsy and ability to inspire creativity make her a perfect partner in bringing ‘The Possibility Shop’ to,” said Lisa Henson, CEO of The Jim Henson Company, the licensor for all merchandising and licensing for the property.

“Whether it’s designing and building a haunted house, offering instructions for a make-your-own board game, jump starting a conversation or finding ways to carry the spirit of the holidays throughout the entire year, season two of ‘The Possibility Shop’ is going to energize parents and kids alike to pursue the infinite possibilities for every day creative adventures,” stated Courtney Watkins.

Season two kicks off with Courtney stepping outside the shop and into the real world as she visits a real family experiencing a creative conundrum. Courtney assists the family with fantastic ideas on how to refuel the imagination and spark creative adventures. Future episodes from both inside The Possibility Shop and out in the world will highlight creative ideas for themes and holidays such as Halloween, Winter Wonderland, Father’s Day and Summer Fun!

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