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First look at ABC’s New Primetime shows

This Tuesday night the ABC Television Network will hold their ‘upfronts,’ the network’s official pitch to advertising executives as to why they should back ABC in the fall. Prior to that event Executives at ABC have revealed which shows have either been renewed or will… Read More »First look at ABC’s New Primetime shows

The Muppets – Preview Episode 1 “Pig Girls Don’t Cry (Pilot)”

Were counting the days (4) until the premiere of the return of The Muppets on primetime TV. Following the mockumentary format pioneered by “The Modern Family,” the show will take viewers behind the scenes with Kermit The Frog and the Muppet’s gang as they produce… Read More »The Muppets – Preview Episode 1 “Pig Girls Don’t Cry (Pilot)”

New Muppets Show to be more Mockumentary Style

Drawing off the success of “The Office” and ABC’s “Modern Family”, the new Muppets show we heard about a month ago, is said to be focusing on a mockumentary style production. That sounds absolutely Gonzo! Here’s the elevator pitch from ABC: “The Muppets return to… Read More »New Muppets Show to be more Mockumentary Style

Revenge: Series Premiere – Building A Mystery

Editor: Please welcome guest author Estelle who will tracking the twisting storylines wrapped up in ABC’s new drama Revenge.

Revenge is sweet and… perplexing?

Whoever said everything is better in the Hamptons was obviously not at Emily Thorne’s engagement party. Fireworks explode, masking the sound of gun shots. David, the groom, is missing and as Emily’s future mother-in-law enchants the crowd with a warm (sarcasm, learn it) congratulatory speech, you know exactly what has happened… kind of. That’s the general feeling I had while watching Revenge last night. You sort of know, and then you have no idea all over again.

The newest ABC drama definitely knows how to keep the mystery alive.

After the opening scene, viewers are transported to five months before when a fresh-faced and flawless Emily (Emily VanCamp of Everwood) decides to rent a house in Southampton, New York – land of the wealthy and fabulous with a beachy backdrop. It’s not just any house, but the home she once shared with her father when she was a little girl, then known as Amanda. Cue some more flashbacks. We soon realize that Emily is not there to ride a wave of nostalgia but to make her own waves within the affluent crowd that unjustly brought her father down 17 years ago.

Get it? Revenge.

Read More »Revenge: Series Premiere – Building A Mystery

ABC Picks Up Three New Shows

ABC has picked up two dramas and one comedy to help round out their schedule. Successful drama pilots, both from ABC Studios and both medical dramas, are “Off the Map” and “Body of Evidence”. Neither looks like a LOST replacement to me. The comedy is… Read More »ABC Picks Up Three New Shows

FlashForward Premieres tonight on ABC

FlashForward premieres tonight on ABC at 8 pm or 7pm if you’re on central time. That might be a bit earlier than you expected, so set those DVRs carefully. FlashForward is the most anticipated series to come from ABC so far this fall. I think… Read More »FlashForward Premieres tonight on ABC

Modern Family – Pilot

I’d like to welcome back Sharla to The Disney Blog. She’s doing a great job with Modern Family, but I’m still looking for more people to review ABC shows like Defying Gravity, Flash Forward, and V. I was given the opportunity to watch a sneak… Read More »Modern Family – Pilot