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The Muppets – Preview Episode 1 “Pig Girls Don’t Cry (Pilot)”


Were counting the days (4) until the premiere of the return of The Muppets on primetime TV. Following the mockumentary format pioneered by “The Modern Family,” the show will take viewers behind the scenes with Kermit The Frog and the Muppet’s gang as they produce a late night talk show.

Here’s the plot summary for episode one:

“Pig Girls Don’t Cry (Pilot)” – Miss Piggy is furious that Kermit booked Elizabeth Banks as a guest on her late night talk show Up Late with Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear meets his girlfriend’s parents, and Grammy Award-winning rock band Imagine Dragons performs their new single “Roots,” on “The Muppets.”

“The Muppets” stars Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Fozzie Bear, The Great Gonzo, Pepe the King Prawn, Rizzo, Scooter, Rowlf and The Electric Mayhem. Elizabeth Banks, Josh Groban, Laurence Fishburne, Tom Bergeron, Jay Leno, Lea Thompson and Imagine Dragons will guest star on the pilot.

It looks like they’ve taken a few concepts from the ‘show pitch’ and worked them into the script for the pilot episode

This one from Gonzo is nearly verbatim:

“Pig Girls Don’t Cry (Pilot)” was written by Bill Prady & Bob Kushell and directed by Randall Einhorn.
“The Muppets” is co-created and executive-produced by Bill Prady (“The Big Bang Theory”) and Bob Kushell (“3rd Rock from the Sun”). Randall Einhorn (“The Office”), Bill Barretta (“Muppets Most Wanted”), Debbie McClellan (The Muppets Studio) and Kyle Laughlin (The Muppets Studio) are also executive producers. “The Muppets” is produced by ABC Studios and The Muppets Studio.

Don’t forget to tune in on Tuesday Sept 22 on ABC.

3 thoughts on “The Muppets – Preview Episode 1 “Pig Girls Don’t Cry (Pilot)””

  1. ‘ Following the mockumentary format pioneered by “The Modern Family,” ‘

    Wait, what? “The Office” is generally considered as pioneering the mockumentary TV series, first with the UK series in 2001 and then the US series in 2005. Even “Arrested Development” was playing around with the mockumentary on modern US television in 2003, waaaaaay before “Modern Family.”

    In fact, “Modern Family” probably killed the format in the way it hacked down any creativity and novelty “The Office” and “Arrested Development” introduced.

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