Disney/ABC inflates schedule with five new shows

For a while there it looked like “Life On Mars” was going to be the only new drama added to the ABC Schedule this year. The Writer’s Strike caused a delay in this year’s Pilot season, and ABC decided to wait until it had time to view all the ‘pilots’ it was developing before deciding which to adopt. Good plan

So now we have two police procedurals, “Castle” and “The Unusuals”, to look forward to; a romantic comedy called “Cupid”; and two sit-coms, “Better off Ted” and “Single With Parents”. “Castle” starring Nathan Fillion holds the most interest for me, but then I’m a Firefly/Serenity fan.

Variety has more details.

1 thought on “Disney/ABC inflates schedule with five new shows”

  1. I’m delighted with the unexpected new season of Scrubs premiering as a mid-season replacement. And ABC seem to be getting behind the show like NBC had failed to do in recent years. Even with Braff suggesting he may move on after this one, ABC sounds like they’re happy to continue the show.

    And frankly, as long as they retain McGinley, the show can survive.

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