Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time 2-18: Selfless, Brave, and True

I’m going to have to do things a bit differently with tonight’s recap. There’s a reveal part way through that I just can’t explain any other way than to slip the flashback in the middle of the recap. It colors too much of what happens in the episode to understand it any other way.

So let’s start in Storybrooke, shall we?Read More »Once Upon a Time 2-18: Selfless, Brave, and True

Once Upon a Time 2-17: Welcome to Storybrooke

Welcome to Storybrooke. It sounds like some kind of recap episode. But it was tonight’s all new episode of Once Upon a Time. And it actually made sense when you figured out what was happening.

For once, we never left Storybrooke. We still had a flashback, but it took place in 1983, when the town was created.Read More »Once Upon a Time 2-17: Welcome to Storybrooke

Once Upon a Time 2-16: The Miller’s Daughter

Based on the previews for last night’s episode, I was expecting something cataclysmic. Now I won’t say the episode last night wasn’t big and that it won’t have major consequences down the road. But it just wasn’t what I expected.

And I’m okay with that.Read More »Once Upon a Time 2-16: The Miller’s Daughter

Once Upon a Time 2-14: Manhatten

I read a lot of mysteries, yet I rarely figure out the ending before the killer is revealed. When I do, I either feel upset because it was so obvious or I feel pleased with myself for picking up on the clues. The second option was how I felt tonight while watching Once Upon a Time. Two of the things I’ve been saying all season were proved right. Okay, so I back tracked on one of them, but I did change my mind again the next week.

But let’s start with the flashback to Enchanted Forest. It surrounds Rumplestiltskin and his past in the Ogre Wars.Read More »Once Upon a Time 2-14: Manhatten

Once Upon a Time 2-13: Tiny

After two weeks, we’re back. Back to the magic. Back to the intrigue. And back to Storybrooke. So gather round because we’ve got a tale of giants to weave.

The flashback portion of the episode revolved around Anton, the giant we meant earlier this season as played by Jorge Garcia. When we first see him, he is late to dinner and trying to deal with his life as the runt of his giant brothers. They are excited because the bean harvest is almost ready. Anton wonders why they continue to grow magic beans since they don’t give them to anyone and don’t travel to other realms, but he is told they are giants – that’s what they do.Read More »Once Upon a Time 2-13: Tiny

Once Upon a Time 2-12: In the Name of the Brother

Oh, we’ve got trouble, right here in Storybrooke. And I think the schedulers at ABC have been taking lessons from Cora and Regina. Yes, tonight was a good episode. It set some nice balls in motion while being very entertaining.

The back story was interesting but not really providing the usual twist I’d expect. It revolved around Frankenstein and took place completely in his black and white world. We first meet him at Christmas as his father gives presents to Victor and his younger brother. The brother, a war hero, gets a family heirloom watch. Victor gets a commission to be a doctor for soldiers on the front line. His father has been supporting his research, and he’s not going to do that any longer.Read More »Once Upon a Time 2-12: In the Name of the Brother

Once Upon a Time 2-11: The Outsider

Wow. A plot I thought was going to go for several weeks just ended tonight. And that ending? So not a fan. So really, really not a fan.

But before we get there, maybe we need to get through the rest of the episode. So let’s get going, shall we?

As always, let’s start with Enchanted Forest, which focuses tonight on Belle with cameos by some very interesting special guests.Read More »Once Upon a Time 2-11: The Outsider