Once Upon a Time 2-13: Tiny

After two weeks, we’re back. Back to the magic. Back to the intrigue. And back to Storybrooke. So gather round because we’ve got a tale of giants to weave.

The flashback portion of the episode revolved around Anton, the giant we meant earlier this season as played by Jorge Garcia. When we first see him, he is late to dinner and trying to deal with his life as the runt of his giant brothers. They are excited because the bean harvest is almost ready. Anton wonders why they continue to grow magic beans since they don’t give them to anyone and don’t travel to other realms, but he is told they are giants – that’s what they do.

We also learn that Anton has a fascination with humans. Humans think giants are extinct, and the giants want it that way. But Anton can’t help but go and try to observe them in person. Naturally, he is caught by James (Charming’s evil twin brother we met briefly in season one) and a woman who introduces herself at Jacqueline. “But everyone calls me Jacque.” Yep – they’ve made Jack a woman.

Jacque offers Anton part of a magic mushroom from Wonderland (something she got for killing the Jabberwocky) that shrinks him down to human size. They take him to the pub and befriend him. Along the way, they let it slip that the kingdom owes lots of money, and they need money, or a magic bean, stat to save the kingdom. Anton, who is considering moving to the kingdom, quickly volunteers some of his family treasure.

But James and Jacque follow him to the beanstalk and then up the beanstalk where they start attacking Anton’s brothers with a poisoned sword. Anton is sent to destroy all the beans so they don’t fall into human hands, who would then take their violence to other realms. Meanwhile, Jacque stabs the leader of the giants, who then stabs her. James, being the true gentleman he is, grabs some treasure and leaves her behind to die.

Anton comes back as his brother is dying. But his brother gives him a shoot from a beanstalk preserved. Someday, if he finds the right place, he is to plant it and grow more beans.

That covers the flashbacks. How does this back story play out in Storybrooke?

We start with Gold coming to collect Emma so they can leave Storybrooke. Emma and Henry are insisting that Henry is coming with them, making the duo and trio. Gold isn’t happy, but he goes along with it.

Just after they’ve left, Regina shows up to talk to Henry. Mary Margaret and David explain that they know the truth and apologize for thinking she killed Archie. They also tell her that Henry is out of town, something that does not make Regina happy.

The search is on for Cora, however. Mary Margaret, David, and Leroy (aka Grumpy) track down Hook and get him to show them his ship. He explains that Cora had something in the crate she was planning to use. Inside the crate? Anton.

Anton is going okay until he sees David. He flips out, and knocks him around. It’s only Mary Margaret’s archery that convinces Anton to leave the ship and leave David alone for now.

While David has no idea who Anton is, he guesses that Anton must have met James. (This is about the point where James shows up for the first time in a flashback.) Meanwhile, Hook has met up with Regina. When Hook explains that Anton doesn’t like David, Regina is delighted. They can use this distraction. She goes to find him and offers him a piece of mushroom to grow to giant size, reminding him that the magic will wear off eventually.

Mary Margaret, David, and Leroy have been looking for Anton to try to explain to him that David and James are the same person. They aren’t happy to find him as a giant, but they try to talk to him. He might believe them, but he isn’t happy to find that James has died. Then they mention their daughter Emma, but since she is kind of out of town, Anton doesn’t believe them either and starts to chase them. Finally, David stops and offers himself in exchange for Anton leaving the rest of the town alone. Anton agrees, but when he tries to jump on David, David dodges, Anton makes a giant hole in the ground, and he shrinks back to human size.

David and the others quickly spring into action to rescue him, which turns Anton’s heart. During a celebratory gathering at Granny’s, Anton reveals his magic bean sprout. He is made an honorary dwarf, and they plan to grow and guard the beans. Maybe this will be their ticket out of Storybrooke and back home. Anton is even given an ax, which gives him a new name – Tiny.

Meanwhile, David and Mary Margaret are talking again about going home. Mary Margaret isn’t quite as set against returning as she was when the subject last came up. But she explains that her home is where her family is. She doesn’t think Emma will want to go back, and that is a deal breaker for her.

We also got a quick check in with Belle, who the hospital keeps sedating because she is so agitated by what she saw. Frankly, it surprises me that everyone is lying to her and telling me that she didn’t see Gold use magic. It’s not like they don’t already know about magic themselves. Anyway, Ruby goes to visit her and try to encourage her, but it doesn’t end well. Unfortunately, the man from the accident overhears the part about magic. Later, he goes to visit Belle and tells her that he believes her. That can’t be good.

No, there wasn’t just the one scene with Gold, Henry, and Emma. They make it to Logan airport, but we still haven’t heard where they are ultimately going. Gold freaks at going through the metal detector and taking off his enchanted scarf. As he takes it off, he starts to become very distracted, but Emma quickly puts it back on him on the other side.

Still, he is agitated and fidgety. He heads to the men’s room, where he smashes up a seat cover holder, bloodying his hand. He tries to repair it with magic, only he can’t.

The final scene is the three of them on the plane. Gold is still very upset, and his knuckles are still bloodied. Finally, we hear an announcement. The plane is going to…New York City.

As in the last place we saw Henry’s father. Looks like our theory that Henry’s father is Gold’s son is going to be correct. Which also explains why Pinocchio was able to convince him about Emma’s destiny so quickly with whatever that was.

So, what is Cora and Regina’s plan? They wanted a distraction so they could work on it. And if Regina’s ultimate plan is to get Henry back, will they wait until he and Emma return? Or will Cora head into our world to do something about it? Regina couldn’t come, but Cora and Hook could head out. And now would be the perfect time for Hook to go after Gold again since Gold doesn’t have magic.

Speaking of magic, I went back and watched the scene with Anton in the hole a second time. When we first zoom down and see him hanging from the pipe, there appears to be a tiny purple glow at the bottom of the huge hole. What did he find? Is there magic somewhere in what looks like a bottomless bit? If so, what does it mean and where does the pit lead? Or was it the last of the cloud from when Anton shrunk. I sure thought that was a blue cloud, not the purple we’re used to seeing, however.

Oh, and the scene with planting the beans showed six original dwarfs plus Anton/Tiny. The one still doesn’t have him memory back. I hope if we find a cure for Belle we give it to the dwarf as well.

So, new theories? Old theories to rehash with new clues? Let me know what you thought in the comments.

19 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time 2-13: Tiny”

  1. I wonder if they make more episodes about Jacqueline.
    She said that she slayed the Jabberwocky. Well in the poem of the Jabberwock, it speaks of a boy who slayed the creature in a forest. Because they made the character of Jack a boy who slayed a Jabberwock I wonder if we’ll know more about her.

    Maybe her parents are separated by lands! Because in the Jack and the Beanstalk tale, Jack lives with his mother, and in the Jabberwock poem, the boy lives with his father! I’m digressing.

    My main thought is how in the world is Gold going to track down his son without magic. And my theory since episode one of this season still remains:
    The man in the intro of the season (confirmed to be Henry’s dad) is Bae.

    1. Shows all I know about Jabberwocky. I was wondering if that was Alice that James was with.

      I haven’t heard anything about more with Jacque, but you never know. I’m not quite sure what else they could do with her, however. Especially since she’s dead.

      1. Well they’ve given a couple of episodes to dead characters before, so MAYBE!

        I don’t think Alice will ever show up in the series – or I hope not. She’s from our world, and she visited Wonderland in the Victorian Ages. And having that the character was based on an actual Alice Liddel, I hope that they don’t mess up our world’s timeline if they add her.

      2. I forget that Alice was in our world. I think of her as part of Wonderland. Although, with how they’ve twisted other things/characters, they could certainly figure out some way to do that.

    1. If it had been Oceanic, I would have caught it, but I don’t remember Ajira from Lost. Doesn’t surprise me, however. They like to put Lost references in the show.

      1. I believe Ajira Airlines (in Lost) was the one that the “Oceanic Six” and took to get back to the island. Did you also catch the reference to Expose? That was the show that Belle (oops, I had written Claire, but deleted it and wrote in Belle) was watching on the TV when Ruby (Red) came to visit. On Lost, Expose was the show that Nicki (of Nicki and Paulo fame) acted in.

  2. I missed the airplane reference! Good catch. I didn’t see the purple glow in the hole. I’ll have to go back and rewatch that part.

    I’m guessing the reason they need so much room to plant one sprout is because he said from the one sprout will come many beans and those beans will then have to be planted. So they are preparing the soil to plant a lot of beans. Also I loved as the camera panned back and faded out they were whistling “Whistle While You Work”. I love stuff like that.

    I also got a kick out of Emma calling Mr. Gold her father :) I also believe now that Henry’s father is Gold’s son. Especially after seeing the preview for next weeks show.

    Really liked the back story on this episode with the giants and all. So glad they’ve brought Hurly, oops I man Anton back :)

    1. Yeah, the preview for next week is pretty much a dead giveaway, but I already knew as soon as they said New York. That would just be too much of a coincidence other wise.

      The purple haze was blink and you miss it. Maybe I was wrong on it. Anyone else want to weigh in?

  3. I may need to reach to compass episode, but I believe Emma came across a human body in Giant’s great hall. Was that the remains of Jacque?

    Regina and Cora are planning something that requires distracting everyone in town. My guess is that it may have something to do with Malificent. It’s a long shot, and she appeared to have been slain in season one, but perhaps Cora has some way to resurrect her with magic? After she was bested by Emma, I’m sure she wants all the magic she can gather for her next come back. Although I’m still not sure what her end game is. I’m sure it’s not just simply getting Henry back for her daughter. I still suspect Cora plans on using Henry as a puppet somewhere down the road, which will drive a stick between her and Regina once again.

    I wonder if Gold is just losing his magic, or is he slowly losing his Rumple’s memory. Maybe removing the scarf initiates the process, and putting it back on merely slows the process down? It’d be tragic if his memory gets wiped upon reunion with Bae (then again, maybe true love eventually breaks the spell and reinstates his memory?)

    That “father” bit was a nice touch. Foreshadowing what’s to come perhaps?

    1. I’m about 99% sure you’re right about Emma finding the skeleton/body when she went up there. I THOUGHT there was some mention of “Jack” too, but I could be wrong.

    2. Yes, we were told that the remains Emma tripped over were of Jack, so I wasn’t surprised when Jacque died up there.

      I almost said something because I thought Gold might be losing his memories, but later, he seemed to know exactly who he was and was trying to use magic, so I thought maybe I was wrong. But if I wasn’t the only one with that theory, maybe there is something to it.

      Then again, he knew who he was while everyone else was under the curse, so was he ever truly cursed with a faulty memory.

  4. I thought there was some connection between Jacque and Alice. When we first saw her, James said she was “a wonder.” Then, there was the whole bit about the mushrooms that make you bigger or smaller. Finally, wasn’t the jabberwocky in Alice in Wonderland?
    But my wife says Jacque couldn’t be Alice, because Alice is good and Jacque was bad.
    And yes, I remember the human skeleton and a reference to “Jack” the first time Emma went up the beanstalk.

    1. Jacque had definitely been to Wonderland what with the mushrooms and all. And yes, the Jabberwocky was a poem from one of the Alice books (which one escapes me at the moment). I don’t think they were trying to make them the same character since Alice never fought the Jabberwocky. But, being Once Upon a Time, who knows.

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