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Our February Master Tweeter is…

We had a great time this past Friday tweeting about Tangled. Lots of laughs and re-tweets happened over the course of the 100 minute movie. It was tough to make a decision, but this month’s Master Tweeter is…


Congrats to @QueenBeeRebJ! You will be receiving a DM soon about what nominees you want for next time! Here some more of my favorite tweets…



If you want to relive last night’s chat with a few of the best tweets, I’ve put together a Storify page that tracks the conversation chronologically.

I know I am going to sound like I am needy, but I want more people to join us! If you have suggestions on how to get more people to join, let me know! Until next time…Have a Magical Day!

1 thought on “Our February Master Tweeter is…”

  1. This is more a suggestion for myself (lol) but a thought for everyone tweeting as well.

    Tweeting parties could be a good idea. I’ve wanted to join in the past two events but didn’t own either movie and didn’t have time to track them down from a library, etc. But I would be more inclined to find the movie or find someone to borrow it from if I invited a few friends over to watch the movie, eat snacks, and live tweet! If everyone live tweeting starting having a group of friends over for viewing parties, numbers could greatly increase.

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