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More on Marceline from Jim Korkis

Disney historian Jim Korkis saw the recent post about Marceline and send a long a little more information.

I think it was David Mumford and Bruce Gordon in their book, “The Nickel Tour” that first pointed out that there was architecture on Disneyland’s Main Street like the City Hall that was actually similar to one in Fort Collins, Colorado where Harper Goff had lived. Harper, of course, did some design work for Main Street and I am sure when he brought his drawings to Walt, they evoked in Walt his feelings of what it was like in Marceline. I suspect that is why there was that bandstand that kept moving from Main Street up to near the castle and finally to Adventureland because there was a bandstand in Ripley Park in Marceline. The lampposts were from Baltimore, Maryland. Emile Kuri modeled the hitching post horse heads from an actual one he got working on a movie location.

So to say that Disneyland’s Main Street copied Marceline is misleading but it certainly copied Walt’s “ideal memory” as a kid of what he sort of remembered Marceline being.

Diane Disney Miller told me that when she was growing up, she thought her dad spent his entire childhood in Marceline because that is all he talked about when he talked about his childhood. She was later surprised to find he had only spent about five years there and that just as much of his childhood was spent in Chicago and Kansas City.

As much as I sincerely love and respect Kaye Malins, it seems to me that Marceline in an attempt to draw some tourist attention to the area sometimes “overstates” the influence of Marceline on Walt. I am still unconvinced that a slag heap in Marceline gave young Walt dreams of the Matterhorn. I am, however, very willing to believe that when he was filming “Third Man on the Mountain” that Walt fell in love with the Matterhorn and wondered how to duplicate it at Disneyland. Harriet Burns even remembers Walt sending postcards of the Matterhorn back to them at WED with the implication of “build this thing at Disneyland”. [ ed note: My Mom remembers her Dad, Victor Greene bringing home similar postcards of the Matterhorn ]

I think Main Street is amazing. It sets the tone for the guests. It sets the fact that you are going to walk. (There are no real attractions on Main Street and trying to use any of the transportation like the horse drawn trolleys or the cars or even the bus takes longer than actually walking the street when you take into account the wait). There are only four buildings on Main Street (although there are several different facades on each building and that inspired the first malls in America….with anchors at either end, a split in the middle and everything else jammed next to each other and color coded…..a real turn of the century Main Street would have gaps between the buildings and everything would have been painted a white or green to help against the weather and that is was the cheapest paint…) and yes, it is subtly designed (using vanishing points so that it seems longer walking it down it to the hub, giving you time to acclimate to the Disney tone, than it does walking back at night when you are tired and have screaming kids).

However, there is no denying that Walt had a great deal of affection for Marceline and he does look tremendously relaxed in pictures and film taken of him in Marceline.

I have even heard supposedly knowledgeable people try to tell me that the Magic Kingdom’s Main Street is based on Marceline. Of course, it isn’t. The train station is very similar to one in Saratoga Springs and the whole “feel” of the Main Street is of an East Coast turn of the century city, much more upscale than Marceline.

If you’d like even more info on Marceline and Walt Disney or a chance to ask Jim Korkis questions directly, make sure you’re in Orlando on February 21st for the NFFC World Chapter meeting. Korkis will be the guest speaker and his topic is Marceline.

Details below the cut:

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Five New Disney Pins to Debut at January Disneyana Show and Sale

The wonderful thing about the Disney ‘product’ is that is creates new fans all the time. So if you’re a recent convert to things Disney or a old fan who has just come back, you’ll want to check out the NFFC for all your Disneyana and collectible needs. NFFC is filled with people just like you, people who live Disney.

As it turns out the NFFC is having their winter show and sale on January 18th at the Crowne Plaza Resort Anaheim. If you can’t make it to the show, go to the NFFC website and find a local chapter near you.

The All Disneyana Show and Sale

The NFFC All Disneyana Show and Sale is a Disney pin trader’s dream come true, featuring several Show and Sale-only pin releases.

The Disney Soda Fountain Studio Store will release two new pins at the Show and Sale.

The Walt Disney Company Employee Center will be offering the first four pins from their Spotlight series of pins:




Cheshire Cat

Chip and Dale


Additionally, Mickey’s of Glendale will debut, in a limited edition of 300, a new WDI Madame Leota pin packaged on a custom WDI Haunted Mansion 40th Anniversary backing card (limit one per person).


(All pins and photos courtesy and copyright The Walt Disney Company)


Sunday, January 18
From 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., NFFC members
From 10:30 to 5:00 p.m., Show and Sale open to the public


NFFC All Disneyana Show and Sale, 2009

Crowne Plaza Resort Anaheim
12021 Harbor Boulevard
Garden Grove, CA 92840

Toll Free Line: 866-888-8891

Plus there’s a special pin and button-trading event—also open to the public—from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. the night before—Saturday January 17—the Show and Sale begins (does NOT include Show and Sale-only pins).

Print and SAVE!

NFFC is making available a special discoutn for the readers of The Disney Blog. Print the first page of this story—including The Disney Blog masthead—bring it with you to the January 18, NFFC All Disneyana Show and Sale and get a $1.00 discount off of the regular $6.00 admission price for you and a friend.

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Walt Disney Family Museum Preview

If you weren’t lucky enough to attend Jeff Kurtti’s session at this summer’s NFFC Convention, then has your best chance to see a preview of the Walt Disney Family Museum. It’s great that Jeff was there to provide this sneak peek, but the death… Read More »Walt Disney Family Museum Preview

A Window for Sam

Two great columns from JimHillMedia this last weekend. First, Jim reports from Comic-con on the presence of many a great ex-disney employee now pimping their wares free from the mouse’s reins. no matter how crazy & crowded the hall may get – the artists &… Read More »A Window for Sam