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A Window for Sam

Two great columns from JimHillMedia this last weekend. First, Jim reports from Comic-con on the presence of many a great ex-disney employee now pimping their wares free from the mouse’s reins.

no matter how crazy & crowded the hall may get – the artists & illustrators who are attending this event could not be nicer. These folks genuinely seemed pleased to be out & about. To meet with the people who buy their comic books and/or watch the TV shows that they work on.

Then Chuck reports from the NFFC Convention (you have to wonder why these two were scheduled at the same time) on an encounter with Matt McKim (Sam’s son) and the fast tracking of Sam’s window on Main Street by Marty Sklar. Let’s not bug Marty too much, but this window should not be forgotten.

“Marty just laughed and shook my hand,” Matt said. “He said it was long overdue and something they (WDI) should have done a long time ago. He said he would get right on it first thing Monday morning when he got into the office.”

While Marty’s at it, why doesn’t he commission the windows for two more Disneyland Greats… Mary Blair and Alice Davis. All in favor say Aye.

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