Around The Hub – Monday Kickoff

Let’s get a good start on another week and go Around The Hub for the latest Disney News and Information. Latino Review has an interview with the directors of The Princess and the Frog. It’s fairly extensive ranging from uses of technology in animation through… Read More »Around The Hub – Monday Kickoff

Around The Hub – Monday Kickoff

What a crazy weekend at Disneyland. Guests were being parked at all corners of the resort district leading some to just give up and head home. The crowds aren’t going to get any lighter as the resort’s popular Halloween promotion enters it’s busiest weeks. On… Read More »Around The Hub – Monday Kickoff

Disney Wonder Cruise Ship Rescues Passenger and it’s Twittered

It was high drama on the high seas last night as the Disney Wonder rescued a guest who fell off the Carnival Cruise Line ship the Sensation. At the completion of its trip, the Carnival Sensation was heading into Port Canaveral when the man fell off the ship somehow. He treaded water for about an hour until the Disney Wonder, also heading into the port, found and rescued him. His condition is reported to be okay.

How do we know this? A Disney Wonder guest twittered the whole thing. I’ve included a jpg of the tweets below from user BigHeadDennis.


I wonder if this is the first time a rescue like this has been twittered.

Transcript is below the jump:

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Around The Hub – Disney News and Links

The Funeral for the Disney World stuntman who died in rehearsals for the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular was held this weekend. Friends and family gathered to say goodbye to the 30 year old performer. comments on the transformation of the Disney Institute from… Read More »Around The Hub – Disney News and Links

Around the Hub – Wednesday Words

Here are a few links from around the web that I’ve been meaning to write longer stories about, but just ran out of time. Walt Disney’s original movie muse Virginia Davis passed away this week at age 90. The Alice series featured Davis interacting with… Read More »Around the Hub – Wednesday Words

Around the Hub – Wednesday Wackiness

Let’s get right to it, shall we. FoxxFur has posted a half-year report for the Magic Kingdom highlighting the refurbishment activity that’s been on-going. As usual she provides some great insights. has a huge preview of the World of Color show coming to California… Read More »Around the Hub – Wednesday Wackiness

Walter Cronkite Signs Off One Last Time

Look up news anchor in the dictionary and there’s a photo of Walter Cronkite. He died today at the age of 92. Known as the most trusted man in America Walter Cronkite guided the country through many difficult times. But he also had a lighter… Read More »Walter Cronkite Signs Off One Last Time

Around the Hub – Disney News and Links

Debuting a new name for these little news and link roundups. The ‘Hub’ is the center of Walt Disney’s revolutionary Hub and Spoke themepark design. It’s also shorthand for where people in the know congregate, aka, the hub of activity. Remember that “musical marriage proposal”… Read More »Around the Hub – Disney News and Links