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Disney Wonder Cruise Ship Rescues Passenger and it’s Twittered

It was high drama on the high seas last night as the Disney Wonder rescued a guest who fell off the Carnival Cruise Line ship the Sensation. At the completion of its trip, the Carnival Sensation was heading into Port Canaveral when the man fell off the ship somehow. He treaded water for about an hour until the Disney Wonder, also heading into the port, found and rescued him. His condition is reported to be okay.

How do we know this? A Disney Wonder guest twittered the whole thing. I’ve included a jpg of the tweets below from user BigHeadDennis.


I wonder if this is the first time a rescue like this has been twittered.

Transcript is below the jump:

  • HOLY FRAKKIN’ SH!T I’m on a Disney Caribbean cruise, and just now, we RESCUED A MAN FROM THE OCEAN.
  • A (drunk?) guy fell off a nearby Carnival ship. We could hear his screaming from the water. We stopped and dropped a lifeboat overboard.
  • The Captain got onto the PA system and asked everyone to keep quiet, so the lifeboat crew could pinpoint the guy from his yelling.
  • The lifeboat crew scooped him up from the water before the Coast Guard helo overflight even reached us.
  • Safe and sound. I witnessed all of this while sitting on my balcony (girls asleep in the stateroom). WOW.
  • Guess that Disney Magic is REAL.

Via @BigHeadDennis

7 thoughts on “Disney Wonder Cruise Ship Rescues Passenger and it’s Twittered”

  1. Finally, maybe we can learn just how these folks seem to “fall off of these cruise ships” since these guy lived to tell about it.

  2. I’m not surprised that Disney was so readily available to rescue this man. On some cruises, I’ve gone up on deck to see that Disney is sailing side by side (though somewhat distantly) with other cruise ships, probably to the same destination. One night we were so close to the Carnival ship, I could practically count their stateroom windows. It’s quite the cool experience. I would bet that Disney was sailing near/with the Carnival ship, and was nearby to promptly pick him up.

    1. MarkTwain, you are correct. We were along side the Sensation all the way back from the Bahamas. They were at our starboard side. I could see them from my stateroom window. Missed all the excitement though. Actually saw the two cables from the rescue boat out my 2nd floor window, called guest services to complain about the noise of them banging against the side of the ship. I wish I had known what was happening, instead of trying to get some sleep.

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