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Leave Murphy Alone (also new Fantasmic Dragon debuts at Disneyland)

So last night wast the debut of ‘Murphy’ the new Fantasmic! Dragon at Disneyland. Murphy got her name because of the problems Disneyland Entertainment experienced trying to get the huge effect to work properly. As such it took quite a ribbing from Disney fans, even during its debut. I have to say I love this particular response:

Although the supposedly impressive fire didn’t work, follow belong the jump for actual video of Murphy’s debut performance:

Official Disneyland News Version:

Fun enthusiastic fan version

5 thoughts on “Leave Murphy Alone (also new Fantasmic Dragon debuts at Disneyland)”

  1. I literally teared up in fondness for the Disney geekiness of this post. You can DO it, Murphy! : P

    PS: Who’s the kid in the first video? He’s my new best friend.

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