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Review: ‘Lightyear’ is a Sci-Fi Ride Made for the Big Screen

Pixar returns to theaters in a big way this week with Lightyear, the Angus MacLane-directed origin story of everybody’s favourite space ranger. This is the movie, we are told, that Toy Story’s Andy would have seen. To nobody’s surprise, Lightyear is powerfully animated. Scenes of… Read More »Review: ‘Lightyear’ is a Sci-Fi Ride Made for the Big Screen

Disney’s The Lion King in 4DX Review

This week while the rest of the world helped drive Disney’s The Lion King to a kingly $543.6 million global total at the box office, I watched the movie in a 4DX theater, courtesy a pair of complimentary media tickets. I wasn’t alone, the theater… Read More »Disney’s The Lion King in 4DX Review

Experience Disney’s The Lion King in 4 Dimensions

Have you heard about the new 4DX ultimate movie experience. It features motion chairs and in theater special effects like wind and rain choreographed to Hollywood’s most popular feature films. The movie enhancing experience is taking a journey to the pride lands starting this weekend… Read More »Experience Disney’s The Lion King in 4 Dimensions

Disney joins IMAX to produce 3D Space Film

For their first every joint production, IMAX and The Walt Disney Studios have announced an agreement to produce and distribute the latest IMAX 3D cinematic space spectacle from acclaimed filmmaker Toni Myers, who has been crafting mind-blowing movie experiences for IMAX audiences for more than… Read More »Disney joins IMAX to produce 3D Space Film

Quiet Please Cell Phone Policy Trailer for IMAX features Frankenweenie

Disney is getting creative with those ‘Quiet Please’ theater warnings. We just saw one featuring Finding Nemo for AMC Theatres, now here is one featuring Frankenweenie footage for IMAX Theaters. Thankfully, both of them are pretty funny too. What do you think?

Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along Coming to a Theater Near You

After a long hiatus in the 80s, Beauty and the Beast was the movie that really brought me back into the love of Disney Animation. It’s hard to believe it was 19 years ago when it first hit theaters. Now, not only is it being released from the Disney Vault on to DVD, but it’s being prepped for a 3D version. To celebrate, Fathom Events and Disney have organized a Sing-Along Movie cinema event showcasing the restored movie and providing a behind-the-scenes look at the restoration process.

This event is for two days only – Wednesday September 29 at 6:30pm and Saturday October 2 at 12pm local time.

Visit the Fathom Events website for a link to participating movie theaters. Tickets are on sale now for Fathom Insiders and will go on sale on the 27th to the general public.

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