monsters university


Disney Parks has released this really cute Monsters University “Entrance” Exam to help kick-off the Monstrous Summer and a nifty bit of synergistic cross-promotion for the movie.

Click to embiggen.

To pass the test, check out the doors above and then answer where the monsters would pop up in the Magic Kingdom if they stepped through the door for a scare.

Write down your answers starting at the top left and moving across. Hint: A couple attractions are repeated.

Answers and your score are below the cut:

Mike on Campus

A group of Disney World fans were invited to watch Monsters University over the weekend. The feedback for Pixar’s next film was general positive, leaning toward effusive. It had the heart of the original, a lot more laughs, and something of a “Revenge of the Nerds” vibe too. Can’t give anything else away without spoilers.

Meanwhile Disney Marketing has been ramping up the promotions for Mike and Sulley. There’s a whole Disney Parks summer promotion and a slew of new trailers and clips online:

First Morning Clip: