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Disney to produce shows for Snapchat

The Social Media industry is changing with existing platforms like Facebook and Twitter skewing toward older users while newer platforms like Instagram and Snapchat becoming more popular with the under 34 age groups. This means media companies like Disney will have to focus on how… Read More »Disney to produce shows for Snapchat

Star Tours 3-D – A Very Special Promo Video

Star Tours 3-D has now opened at both Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios and the crowds keep coming to see the 3-D attraction with over 50 possible ride combinations. Disney has just released this special promotional video that highlights the different destinations Star Tours guests could visit. They’ve even added a special cameo appearance by yours truly. Keep an eye out around the 1:04 minute mark:

Join me below the jump for the secrets of how this video was made:

Read More »Star Tours 3-D – A Very Special Promo Video

State of Online Media and Disney Media Events

I was just reading a really long thread on‘s message boards. It covered a range of topics, but is generally concerned with Disney Park’s social media efforts, including inviting online media to events & and some perceived special treatment for certain websites. I’ve been… Read More »State of Online Media and Disney Media Events

Can Eisner return to Excellence?

I’ve read a lot of business books in my time, but the one that sticks with me the most is Tom Peter’s revolutionary “In Search of Excellence: Lessons from America’s Best-Run Companies.” The lessons I learned therein have served me well in nearly every aspect… Read More »Can Eisner return to Excellence?

Tangled screens early for media

Select members of the media, mainly those with a long lead time for publication, were invited by Disney to see an early print of the 50th Animated Feature to be released by Walt Disney Animation Studios – Tangled. The film was about 60 percent animated… Read More »Tangled screens early for media